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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Well folks, here it is February 26, 2014, just two days after I promoted Empower Network here on my blog, and now I must update everyone to the fact that as of this morning, I have cancelled my membership in Empower Network.  Why?  Because certain other members do not find me acceptable to be a member due to my strongly and sincerely held spiritual training and beliefs and therefore have vehemently rejected me and viciously attacked me on a facebook page for merely quoting the bible regarding the sin of homosexuality.  Frankly, I was stunned!  Professing Christian Americans actually speaking out in defense of homosexuality in our midst as if it is something normal!  Shocking revelation of the mindset of what appears to be most such Americans regarding this abomination for which our Creator/Savior prescribes the death penalty in His Word!  As I pointed out on the facebook page, we, the people, simply do not have the power or authority to render our Creator/Savior's Laws of no effect without suffering the dire consequences He has set forth in His Word pursuant to Deuteronomy, Chapter 28. 

Contrary to what is deemed to be socially and politically correct these days, there was a time in America when being a homosexual was not "gay," but was an unacceptable abomination punishable by death.  There was a time in America when the U.S. President, Andrew Jackson boldly declared that "The bible is the rock upon which our nation rests."  There was a time in America, on October 4, 1982, when the U.S. Congress unanimously declared in Public Law 97-280, Stat. 1211, that the bible is the word of God and is to be applied in our land.  Then, 1983, was declared the "year of the bible" by then President Ronald Reagan.  If this is true, and it is, then as the covenant people of our Creator/Savior, it is our duty and responsibility to see to it that our Creator/Savior's Laws are not rendered of no effect by the humans we allow to run our corporate fiction creature governments.

In parting, it is perfectly clear to me, and I'm sure to many others who take our Creator/Savior's Word/Law seriously, that as His covenant people, we cannot possibly render His Laws of no effect without suffering His wrath for doing so as is clearly set forth in Deuteronomy, Chapter 28.  Some so-called "New Testament Christians" will say, well, "that is Old Testament," but nevertheless, it is still in effect and our Creator/Savior will not be mocked! 

Because I stated the aforesaid truth on a facebook page, many on that page erroneously accused me of harboring hatred for homosexuals.  When one such as I loves our Creator/Savior and His Laws, he/she is bound by them, which does not constitute "hatred" but obedience in love of our Creator/Savior.  My false accusers are obviously caught up into so-called "civil rights" erroneously believing that the abomination of homosexuality is just an "alternative lifestyle" that cannot be "discriminated" against because the mere humans we allow to run our corporate fiction creature governments say so because it is a right protected by government, thereby nullifying our Creator/Savior's Laws, and declaring themselves to be as "gods" who are free to determine what is right or wrong irregardless of our Creator/Savior's Laws, statutes & judgments, which Jesus Himself declared are still in effect and that He came to fulfill said law, not abolish it.

In the bible, a sin is described as a transgression of our Creator/Savior's Laws, and certain punishments are prescribed for each respective transgression therein.  Most of today's professing Christian Americans have been mentally conditioned by false teachers in social clubs erroneously called "churches" to accept the abomination of homosexuality as a mere harmless infraction which has no bad effects on our society and nation which sin is to be forgiven and tolerated.  However, as the bible shows, and as history proves, when we, as the covenant people of our Creator/Savior stand by and allow this evil wickedness in our midst, we all suffer the dire consequences prescribed in Deuteronomy Chapter 28, as is evidenced by our current social, political, economical, and environmental predicament.  And, yes, so long as we tolerate this (and other such evil wickedness) in our midst, our predicament will worsen and worsen, as our Creator/Savior is using His antichrist enemies and ours to chastise us until such a time as we, His covenant people, finally awaken from our long slumber of sin into slavery (economic & statutory bondage) and turn back to Him and His "easy yoke" and "perfect law of liberty" and once again give our Only Risen King, Savior & Law-Giver the honor and glory due Him, whereupon He will hear our voices from Heaven, and through His faithful servants, our land will be healed and His wonderful blessings of life, liberty, freedom, peace, prosperity, and happiness will be restored.   

posted by Dave Baugh  # 12:44 PM

Monday, February 24, 2014

True Wealth. What is it? 

Greetings everyone!
I keep seeing and hearing that our economic situation is doomed.  And, that inflation & deflation is bringing us into a financial crisis much worse than the so-called "Great Depression" that occurred back in the 1930's.  I do not believe this!  The reason why I do not believe this is because those who are broadcasting this doomsday scenario are the very ones who fear economic collapse!  Why do these antichrist moneychangers and their puppet political prostitute proselytes fear economic collapse?  Simple!  Because more and more people are awakening to the truth!  What is that truth?  That there are only two sources of wealth in the entire world, and they control neither one of them except by fraud and deception. 

What are these two sources of wealth?  1)  the natural resources our Creator/Savior has provided for us here on earth, and 2) our labor to refine them to suit our needs and desires.  Thus, if we, the producers of society do not refine these natural resources, they are dormant and though may have value, are entirely non-productive elements.  We cultivate plants for food essential for life.  We harvest fruit and berries from trees and vines.  We raise livestock for food and other things.  We take these resources and build homes, roads, and buildings.  We are the producers of society.  We are the only creators of wealth!

What constitutes wealth?  Our thoughts are wealth.  Our ideas are wealth.  Our labor is wealth.  Thus, we ourselves, each and everyone of us, has within us unlimited power to create wealth on demand!  Yes, it does not manifest itself immediately, but it is there within each of us and manifested through our thoughts, ideas, imagination, faith, persistence, and concentrated effort with focus on our desired outcome.  Additionally, true wealth is not "money."  That is merely a means of exchange that we choose to use to transfer our wealth amongst each other for each others' mutual benefit.

At this time in our history, our federal government is under the control of the international banking cartel who own the private Federal Reserve Bank, which, of course, is not federal but a private corporate entity.  Those who own the Fed also own or control the major media and entertainment industry.  They also have control over the curriculum being taught in the public school system as well as most colleges.  Thus, we are constantly bombarded with their propaganda leading the deceived masses to believe they are totally dependent upon the Fed and government to maintain our economic stability.  This "stability" consists of having a job and earning a wage or salary sufficient to live "comfortably" with the vague possibility of breaking out of that meager existence and starting your own business and becoming a millionaire.  Of course, there are many sports figures who earn such exorbitant salaries, but they are not productive members of society, but merely entertainers that appease the masses who are caught up into the deception that they are not capable of unlimited wealth creation themselves.

The truth is, there is enough wealth for each and every man, woman, and child to be a millionaire by today's standards.  The problem is, first of all, most do not realize they have this inherent power and ability, and secondly, selfish and greedy parasites in our midst have deceptively devised a means by which to rob us all of our wealth using a fraudulent, debauched economic scheme.

So what are we to do about this?  Simple.  Open up your heart and mind and accept truth and reality and cease believing the lies; come out of the deception (darkness) and into the truth (light).  Develop a vision in your mind.  See yourself there.  Believe you are there.  Have faith and courage, and persist, never losing sight of your vision.  Stop associating with those who do not have such a vision.  Associate only with others who do and are diligently working toward their vision.  Cease watching all the negative crap on TV.  Focus on your vision and helping others instead.

With the internet, all the tools anyone needs to achieve this prosperity are in place, as is the training.  The key to achieving wealth is to help others do the same by enabling them to have what they want and desire, or, solving their problems, or fulfilling their desires.  This is done, not to exploit others, or take advantage of others (as do the parasitic bankers and politicians), but to sincerely network with them and help them as others network with you and help you.

Look at it this way:  There are millions of us, and most of us are sincere, honest, hard working folks who genuinely care about our fellow Americans (and others in other countries) and desire peace, happiness, and prosperity, absent all the government regulatory revenue schemes of taxation which has strangled our production in America and forced it into other countries.  We, each of us, individually & collectively, have the power to change this.  All we have to do is network together in our free enterprise system and we will overwhelm all the government parasites and come out of their economic fraud and scam irregardless of what the evil miscreants do or say, because they operate upon a fraud, and we operate upon truth and reality, and, as aforesaid, we are the ones who control the wealth by our Creator/Savior's design, not them.  Their days are numbered; their Babylonian scam is doomed to self destruct and let it be so!  The sooner the better!  Let us have our own debt-free, interest-free currency as a means of honest exchange!

It matters not how much of their "money" they print because the real value exists in only our natural resources and our labor to refine it as aforesaid, and we are the ones who control it, not these crooks!  It is all just one big illusion!  Quit believing in it!

I am hooked up with Empower Network and this is what we are doing.  Go here and join with us in this regeneration:  http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret?id=DaveBaugh

As it is written, we do overcome all this evil wickedness!

In Liberty,

David G. Baugh     

posted by Dave Baugh  # 6:44 PM
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