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Dave Baugh's Website Posted information regarding Dave G. Baugh's unlawful incarceration. Dave has been charged, prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned criminally for civil infractions. Update (9/5/07): Dave has been released, and can be reached at PO Box 314, Newburg, MO 65550 Links and audio at the bottom of page.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Spirits

Dave Baugh, #1098495
Moberly Correctional Center
Box 7
Moberly Mo 65270

Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots, June 26, 2006

Greeting from the confines of the MCC! I am in good spirits, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty, and I rejoice that I am found to be worthy of so great a persecution for daring to tale a stand refusing to be a statutory slave to insolent, disobedient public servant usurpers, and declaring Jesus the Christ (Whom I prefer to call Yahshua, the Messiah) as our King. I have been told from reliable “inside” sources that my humble, yet persistent efforts are having a profound effect. Though I am imprisoned, my spirit is lifted in knowing this, and with faith, I press onward toward our goal of restoration of strictly limited constitutional government and obedience to our creator’s Law system and His “perfect Law of Liberty’.

I had a parole hearing (Star Chamber proceeding) on June 7, 2006, and received the conditions Friday, June 23rd: 1) electronic surveillance, 2) no driving, 3) no drinking, and 4) substance abuse program. The problem with this is, as most of you know, I have no criminal record whatsoever, have an excellent driving record, with only a few minor accidents none my fault, I am a highly skilled driver, and do not have a drinking problem, and have not been charged with any alcohol or drug-related offenses, and I have never used drugs in my entire life (even prescription drugs), and if I wanted to, I could get a driver’s license. In fact, I offered to do so under protest if they made it a condition! (Of course, I refused their conditions).

My insistence that I am imprisoned unlawfully and a victim of criminal government, and that I be released immediately, has resurrected the old charge which allegedly violated my (non-existent) probation back in 2004 in Washington County, Missouri. Two days prior to my parole hearing, I was served with a (bogus) warrant, which (conveniently) provided reason for keeping me in here. Now I’ve been served with a detainer, and notified that an “arraignment hearing” is scheduled for July 03, 2006 at 9:00 am in Washington County Court at Potosi, Missouri.

Folks, I’ve proved my legal argument; that this license is merely a receipt for the payment of the “motor vehicle driver’s license [excise] tax”; I’ve also proved it is being misapplied against most unsuspecting Missouri motorists, as is the registration tax, and personal property tax. I was forced through a sham trial and lost in the correctional system, not because I’m a criminal, but to silence, discredit and destroy me --- but it didn’t work. My past two years of research here in the prison law library has substantiated my claim conclusively.

My Federal Petition For Writ of Habeas Corpus has been nearly nine months now, and the record on its face clearly shows my conviction and sentence void rendering my imprisonment unlawful. Why is the Federal Judge, Jean C. Hamilton sitting on it? I believe because her granting my relief will have national ramifications and put an end to misapplication of the licensing laws under the criminal code.

Know this, Friends, I will NEVER QUIT & NEVER COMPROMISE, EVEN UNTO DEATH! This is a battle to the end, and I do not believe it will be my end, but the end of the constitutional anarchy, treason, oppression in office, extortion, and prosecutorial and judicial tyranny exercised in traffic courts! It will force a bunch of useless, non-productive, paper-shuffling government parasites to go out and seek honest, productive work! Perhaps you could help me out a little with some vociferous vehemence.

In service to America’s King, Yahshua,

(signed)David G. Baugh
Victim of Criminal Government


posted by Jeff  # 10:13 AM
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