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Dave Baugh's Website Posted information regarding Dave G. Baugh's unlawful incarceration. Dave has been charged, prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned criminally for civil infractions. Update (9/5/07): Dave has been released, and can be reached at PO Box 314, Newburg, MO 65550 Links and audio at the bottom of page.

Friday, January 27, 2006

David G. Baugh’s Awaken America Campaign

January 27, 1984 + 22 = 2006
Orwellian Era of fascist Tyranny, Oppression and Terrorism in America


Missouri state government has created a whole new class of people through its “criminal justice system,” where those few of us who refuse to be slaves to men (See I Corinthians 7:23) and bow in fear and worship of, and support and dependence on said system called “THE STATE”, are “offenders” deemed politically/religiously incorrect requiring “correction” in the Missouri Department of Corrections (such correctionalism is a Marxist communist doctrine), while everyone else who willingly obeys its edicts is a “systemite” unwittingly shackled in the invisible chains of statutory slavery forged around their necks under the tyrant’s creed of necessity for imaginary “public safety and security.”

It has been said that none are so hopelessly enslaved as those who think they are free. In America today, the only freedom which exists is the freedom to obey the de facto, overly intrusive, abusive, subjective statutes enacted in legislative disregard of the fact that the people who compromise the State of Missouri are the sole, sovereign holders of the inherent political power over all internal state government, “…and police thereof” as set forth in Article I, §§1, 2, and 3, Missouri Constitution. It is a political impossibility for we, the [people, to delegate to our constitutionally limited political trustees we allow to run state government, any powers we ourselves do not possess, which would derogate or abrogate any of our antecedent, unalienable rights, liberties and freedoms, and therefore, we have done so. What has taken place is a usurpation of our direct inherent political power by insolent, disobedient public officers, who have arbitrarily determined they can be better social planners that Almighty God (Yahweh), from Whom we derive our aforesaid rights, liberties and freedoms, and the authority to establish our state government in accordance with His “perfect Law of Liberty,” (James 1:25) which was acknowledged by the founders of Missouri, to wit: “We the people of Missouri, with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and grateful for His goodness, do establish this Constitution for the better government of the state.” (Preamble, Constitution of the State of Missouri).

The same is true for our federal government, and each state government. We, the people are sovereign over the governments we create and the humans amongst ourselves we allow to run them! Our rights, liberties and freedoms are given to us by our Creator/Savior, and being antecedent and unalienable, cannot be taken away from us by our own corporate fiction creature government image and people we allow to run it for us! When we, the people begin to bow in fear and worship of, and in support and dependence on “THE STATE,” our creature, as opposed to “seeking first the kingdom [government] of God,” our Creator, it is giving reverence to a corporate fiction creature of our imaginations as a “god” and source of law, and a rejection of our Creator/Savior as our King and source of Law, through which we are assured of maintaining His many blessings of life, Liberty, peace, happiness and prosperity (read Deuteronomy Ch. 28).

Have we, the people, professing ourselves to be wise, become fools (“systemites”), worshipping our own creature rather than the Creator, and are now suffering the dire consequences? Read Romans 1:18-32 and see for yourself. It is such “Baal-worship” which brings forth our Heavenly Father’s curses upon us. To correct this iniquity, we, the covenant people of Yahweh, our Creator, by and through our Savior and Risen king, Yahshua (Jesus), the Messiah, must once again give “profound reverence” to our Creator and King, and Only Law-Giver (James 4:12), and see to it His Will/Law is done on earth in our respective lands wherein He has placed us, as it is in Heaven, just as He tells us in His model prayer, Matthew 6:9-13. (See also John 14:15).

Men will either be governed by our Creator, or ruled by tyrants. Thus, we see there is nothing new under the sun; we are the same people, in the same predicament we’ve been in before, to wit: “A wonderful [astonishing] and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely [pastors teach false doctrines of men], and the priests [quisling, pettifogger, shyster lawyers and plundering politicians] bear rule by their means [usurpation and statutory slavery]; and my people love to have it so…” (Jeremiah 5:30-31). Like Elijah, I ask you, Dear Reader, “How long halt ye between two opinions? If Yahweh be God, serve Him, but if Baal serve him.” (I Kings 18: 20). Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve; as for me, Yahshua (Jesus) is America’s Only King, Savior and Law-Giver, for which declaration I am persecuted by “The State".

David G. Baugh,
victim of criminal government
Moberly Correctional Center
PO Box 7
Moberly, Missouri 65270


posted by Jeff  # 6:14 AM

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Letter from Dave (for distribution)

David G. Baugh’s Awaken America Campaign January 11, 1984 + 22 years = 2006
Editorial Commentary Orwellian Era of Fascist Tyranny, Oppression & Terror inAmerica
Warning! The Ninety-Third Missouri General Assembly Is Now in Second Regular Session and No Missourian’s Life, Liberty, Or Property Is Safe!

In particular for this writing, Missouri Gestapo Government and its fascist agencies, the Department of Public Safety & its highway Patrol (“Road Nazis”), and Marxist Department of Corrections (correctionalism is a Marxist doctrine) are trashing the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution & Article I, §15, Missouri Constitution, in perpetuation of the ever-expanding socialist police state Missouri has become.

These stealthy encroachments & infringements on our sacred Liberty & freedom are far more dangerous to us than standing armies, or any so-called “terrorist threat,” now being used as an excuse to deprive everyone of our antecedent, unalienable rights guaranteed by the Missouri and U.S. Constitutions. It has been correctly asserted by the founders of America that he who would forsake Liberty & freedom for the false safety & security offered by the state, is worthy of neither and is certain to lose both. The only true safety & security is found in our individual Liberty & freedom.

Most who read my articles know that I was imprisoned for refusing to pay the ‘motor vehicle driver’s license tax’ because I discovered it is being misapplied against Missourians as a protection racket of legalized plunder & extortion and has nothing to do with public safety, and is applicable only for those engaged in some specific privileged occupational, business or commercial driving activity on the public highways. In 1999, this was purportedly made a criminal felony for the third offense, but since it is purely a civil traffic violation, it cannot be construed as a crime under the Criminal Code.

Suffice it to say that my alleged “offense” actually offended only the insolent, disobedient public usurpers running the aforesaid racket for unjust enrichment, and so it is political in nature, actually civil (penal), and not criminal, but nevertheless I am imprisoned AT PUBLIC EXPENSE simply for exercising my right, duty & responsibility in exposing the usurpation, fraud and theft by word and by deed.

Now that I’m imprisoned, I’m considered a “dangerous felon” along with the few in prison who actually are such persons, and everyone is arbitrarily being forced to submit to the taking of a DNA sample, supposedly because the law requires same, and no convicted felon has the right of refusal, but what does the law say?

§650.055. “Felony convictions for certain offenses to have biological samples collect, when--use of sample--highway patrol and department of corrections, duty--…”
1. “Every individual who pleads guilty…to or is convicted in a Missouri circuit court, of a felony or any offense under chapter 556, RSMo, or has been determined beyond a reasonable doubt to be a sexually violent predator pursuant to sections 632.480 to 632.513, RSMo, shall have a blood or scientifically accepted biological sample collected for purposes of DNA profiling analysis.”

Notice that this statute says “…felony or any offense under chapter 566, RSMo….” so to whom does this statute apply? While the Missouri Legislature has plenary power to enact laws essential to the health, safety, morals and general well-being of the public, that power is strictly limited by the Missouri & U.S. Constitutions, in particular in this case, the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution & Article I, §15, Missouri Constitution. The primary rule of statutory construction is to determine and give effect to legislative intent. In this case, we can see that the legislative intent is for any person convicted of “a felony or any offense under chapter 566, RSMo.” which chapter deals exclusively with sexual offenses, some of which are felonies and some of which are not, and does not include any unrelated felony offenses.

In conclusion, if myself and others who are not in such a class can be arbitrarily subjected to such flagrant trashing of the Fourth Amendment, so can everyone else, and oh yes, all at PUBLIC EXPENSE. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


David G. Baugh
Victim of criminal government
Moberly Correctional Center
Box 7
Moberly, Missouri 65270

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