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Dave Baugh's Website Posted information regarding Dave G. Baugh's unlawful incarceration. Dave has been charged, prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned criminally for civil infractions. Update (9/5/07): Dave has been released, and can be reached at PO Box 314, Newburg, MO 65550 Links and audio at the bottom of page.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Support is needed

Friends and Fellow Patriots,

Now is not the time to be slack in our efforts to restore our sacred Liberty & Freedom to exercise and enjoy it with responsibility, and with overly abusive, intrusive government restraint inflicted by the humans we allow to run it for us.

I have filed a Criminal Complaint against one insolent disobedient public servant, and now I’m following up with Civil Complaint for damages. Your financial assistance is needed, as to file a claim without payment of court filing fee is now equivalent to waste of effort. Justice is for sale, and it you want it without denial or delay, you must pay for it.

I have another similar claim to file. My petition in Mandamus is still pending in Missouri Supreme Court. I fully expect at least a partially favorable ruling.

Folks, please help if you can. For any donation over $20, you will be sent a copy of my petition which explains how the Driver’s License regulatory revenue scheme is being misapplied as a protection racket of legalized plunder & extortion against most Missouri motorists. All that is necessary for the triumph of such evil is that those who could and should do something do nothing.

Thanks for your support from the front line. I remain your humble servant, standing steadfastly in the Liberty wherewith Yahshua, our Messiah, America’s Only Risen King, Saviour and Law-Giver, has set us free to not become again entangled in any such political yoke of bondage. Read I Corinthians 7:23 & Galatians 5:1.

As it is written, we do prevail over evil when we persist in service to our King as His humble messengers.

Yahweh’s blessing,



posted by Jeff  # 10:30 AM

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

David G. Baugh’s Awaken America Campaign

View from the inside: Exposing Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) Mythology
Editorial Commentary

August 16, 1984 + 21 = 2005
Orwellian Era of Fascist Tyranny & Oppression in America

As a political prisoner & victim of corrupted, criminal state government in DOC confinement the past year and a half, I have first-hand, personal knowledge & experience of the facts and law (truth) being suppressed from public scrutiny, which I now share in the public interest. The stated aim & purpose of the DOC is “enhanced public safety, at the lowest cost to taxpayers, through successful management of offenders.” I’ve now spoken personally with hundreds of inmates, discussing their cases, and the majority are victims of corrupted, criminal government being exploited to perpetuate the expansion of Orwellian “BIG BROTHER” SOCIALISM using the tyrant’s lie of “necessity” for foals “public safety & security.” Anyone, such as I, who dares to expose this criminal syndicalism, becomes an “offender” posing a threat or danger to the “safety & security” of the corrupted “STATE” and humans we allow to run it, not the public.

NOWHERE in State or U.S. Constitutions are our inferior public servants permitted to wage such “war” against us under ANY pretense. The sovereign people who comprise the State of Missouri, and the holders of the inherent political power over all internal government “…and police thereof” as set forth in Article I, §§ 1, 2, 3, Missouri Constitution. It is our RIGHT, DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY to “POLICE” our insolent, disobedient public servant usurpers by practical application & enforcement of our State & U.S. Constitutions.

Few are aware that such DOC “correctionalism” is a Marxist/communist concept essential to maintaining a totalitarian socialist police state ruled by Fascism. Those who are subjectively, arbitrarily deemed “politically/religiously incorrect” or “socially unacceptable” by the usurpers & deceived masses become “offenders” requiring Marxist “correction” to make us ““politically/religiously correct” & “socially acceptable slaves.”

Those such as I, who dare to think and reason for ourselves, refuse to be slaves, question such usurpations, and boldly assert our rights, liberties & freedoms, pose a threat to said usurpers’ safety & security. Said plundering usurpers running the scam & fraud need more “crime” to justify their “war on crime” and create more “criminals”, thus more statutory “offenses” & enhanced penalties are created by an obliging legislature & governor, to the hue & cry of the woefully ignorant, deceived masses who believe the tyrant’s lie of “necessity” for non-existent safety & security, thereby unwittingly forfeiting sacred Liberty & Freedom. Subjective, arbitrary prosecutorial abuse of discretion is rampant, aided by predatory government armed thugs & permitted by an accomplice judiciary, and Missouri’s prison system grows exponentially. For those running it, it as a business, using “human resource” slave labor for filthy lucre, profiting on political usurpation, fraud & misery of its victims, “at the lowest cost to taxpayers” in maintaining the quisling usurpers’ “job security”, and protection racket of legalized plunder & extortion.

Why do some folks indulge in destructive behavior, drug & alcohol abuse? Is it a sense of hopelessness & despair wrought by overly intrusive, abusive “BIG BROTHER” government, under a debauched economic system which promotes antichrist humanistic socialism? This is my conclusion. This criminal government & usurping crooks & pompous political stooges running it breed the “quasicriminal” society they thrive in. its way past time for people to cease believing lies, rise up in righteous indignation, and bring an end to this legalized racketeering by our insolent, disobedient public servant usurpers, & restore hones, strictly limited constitutional government, thereby restoring our sacred Liberty & Freedom with responsibility. Read I Corinthians 7:23, Romans 6:16 & 13: 8-10, Galatians 5:1, Acts 5:29-42, et.al.

During this past year and a half, I’ve found more honesty & integrity in prison inmates than any public servants. I can say with complete confidence that no less than 60% & up to 80% of these men could be RELEASED unconditionally or on reasonable conditions with NO DANGER TO “PUBLIC SAFETY”. In fact, society would benefit greatly from their productive presence, TOTALLY ELIMINATING COST TO CITIZENS, SAVING BILLIONS$$$$$. COMPELLING FORMER NONPRODUCTIVE PUBLIC SERVANT GOVERNEMTN PARASITES TO SEEK HONEST, PRODUCTIVE WORK! MISSOURIANS, AMERICANS! NOW THAT YOU KNOW, DO SOMETHING! (James 1:22-25).

In service to America’s ONLY KING, Yahshua, the Messiah,

David G. Baugh
Moberly Correctional Center
3-D-907-1, PO Box 7
Moberly, Missouri 65270

posted by Jeff  # 6:20 AM
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