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Dave Baugh's Website Posted information regarding Dave G. Baugh's unlawful incarceration. Dave has been charged, prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned criminally for civil infractions. Update (9/5/07): Dave has been released, and can be reached at PO Box 314, Newburg, MO 65550 Links and audio at the bottom of page.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

David G Baugh’s Awaken America Campaign

January 17, 1984 + 21
Orwellian Era of Fascism in America

Second Open Letter to new Missouri Governor, Matt Blunt

Dear Mr. Blunt,

As you will recall (if you read my previous letter), I wrote you regarding your study of Thomas Jefferson’s Principles of Government, and pointed out the deplorable social, political and economic condition we Missourians are in as a result of our mass departure therefrom.

Historically, governments of men ultimately become corrupted commensurate with the complacent negligence, woeful ignorance, and corruption of the citizenry. Missouri government is no different. Same said for all states. Also, historically, when this occurs, a few dedicated, patriotic, aware, and politically responsible men sound the alarm and resist the subtle tyranny and oppression being imposed by word and by deed, while the deceived, apathetic, unaware masses tolerate the subtle chains of slavery being forged around their necks. I am one of these men. There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

In Missouri (as in all American states), the people are the holders of the inherent political power (directly, not indirectly), over all internal state government “…and police thereof” as set forth in Article I, Sections 1, 2, & 3, Missouri Constitution. In that capacity, it is a political impossibility, and therefore a legal impossibility, for us, individually or collectively, to delegate to our inferior political trustee public servants any powers we ourselves do not possess, which would derogate, or abrogate, our Yahweh-given, antecedent, unalienable rights, liberties and freedoms. As Jefferson said, it is within the people that the security of our liberty, freedom and state (civil body politic) resides, not in the peoples’ own corporate fiction creature government image and mere humans we allow to run it for us, such as you.

As succinctly stated by U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Robert Jackson, in 1954, “It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error” (American Communications Association, C.I.O. vs. Douds, 382, 442). With this truth in mind, Mr. Blunt, surely you can see the political and legal absurdity of the existence and operation of the de facto, unconstitutional legislative statutory creature, Missouri “Department of Corrections” as Orwellian doublespeak/doublethink hypocrisy, particularly in my case! My refusal to be a socialist political slave to my inferior, insolent, disobedient public servant usurpers is an “offense” only against said usurpers, not the people who comprise the State of Missouri! I suspect that you were not aware that such “correctionalism” is a purely Marxist concept for furtherance of communism, and essential to the perpetuation of the socialist police state ruled by fascism Missouri has become, evidenced by the loss of our Liberty and Freedom, and rapid growth and expansion of the “crime and prison industry.” Now, Mr. Blunt, you are aware, requiring you to act in correcting this error, according to Constitutional mandate. I want to help you! So do hundreds of others!

In our past, such men as myself who boldly declared “we must obey God rather than men,” and that Yashua, the Messiah (Jesus, the Christ) is our Only King, Savior, and Law-Giver, were cast into fiery furnaces, lion’s dens, hacked to death by Gladiators, imprisoned, tortured, maimed and murdered. Those in power back then failed to heed the warning of the noted Pharisee lawyer, Gamaliel (Acts 5:19-42 & 17:6,7), and all of said officers and public officials perished, along with their political and religious oppression and tyranny, onto the trash heap of history. Let us heed this lesson!

I submit to you, Mr. Blunt, we are now experiencing the exact same course of events as has befallen us before, in this generation (age). The few astute amongst us, such as myself, who expound the truth (facts and law) by word and by deed, which expose the lies, deception and political usurpations, are being severely persecuted under color of law by the usurpers, primarily Quisling, pettifogger, shyster, lawyer politicians, prosecutors and judges (Jeremiah 5:26-31, Isaiah 5:20, 21, 23 and 10:1, 2 and Luke 11:37-54). All I have done is dare to exercise our inherent right, duty and responsibility, which exposes that said usurpers are practicing criminal syndicalism (organized terrorism), and operating a protection racket of legalized plunder and extortion under the guise of “public safety and security” against the people. Their excuse of “necessity” for such usurpations, has ever been the creed of tyrants and oppressors and is abhorrent to state and U.S. constitutions!

Mr. Blunt, in light of the foregoing undeniable truth, let me make a proposal to you, much in keeping with historical facts. For my aforesaid claim and exercise of right, duty and responsibility, in resistance to misapplication of the legislative regulatory revenue scheme of indirect taxation, the “motor vehicle driver’s license tax,” imposed by Article X, Section 4(a), Missouri Constitution, I have been prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned to nine years consecutively, even though I have no criminal record, am not a licensee, or a licensee who has had his license suspended, revoked, or cancelled, and the charges are not drug or alcohol related, and there was no actual Breach of the Peace, or damages or injuries to person or property by my action. This is a terrible waste of my productive and beneficial presence in society, borne by my fellow Missourians. I want to change that.

In our past history, when government officials realized it was fruitless to subject faithful and obedient followers of Yahweh/Yashua (one and the same) to such persecutions, we were instead made government administrators. I propose to you that with my life’s accumulation of knowledge, wisdom and experience (I am 61); I can, and will be a valuable asset to your administration in implementing Biblical and Jeffersonian principles of government we have departed from. I am told it costs Missourians $30,000 or more a year to imprison me. I will never consent to any kind of conditional release. However, I am willing to contract with you for that amount, or less, for my services in assisting you in bringing state government and public servants back to within strictly limited constitutional boundaries. In the alternative, if I were to be unconditionally released, I would be a productive and beneficial member of society, and still voluntarily provide you with my assistance FREE, in the public interest, which, ironically, is what I was prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned for to start with!

Eventually, gradually, working together with the cooperation of other dedicated, patriotic, freedom loving, informed Missourians, we can help to educate fellow Missourians. And we will drastically reduce the size and cost of state government, and at the same time eliminate its current overly abusive, intrusive infringements, encroachments and deprivations of our sacred Liberty and Freedom to responsibly exercise and enjoy it. To this end, I’ve devoted the remainder of my life, in service to Yashua, the Messiah, America’s Only Risen King and Law-Giver, my fellow Americans and our country, wherein he has placed us to live in peace, harmony, freedom and prosperity according to His “Perfect Law of Liberty” (James 1:25), predicated on love (Romans 13:8-10).

Thank you for your consideration, Mr. Blunt.


David G. Baugh, Victim of Criminal Government

David G. Baugh, 1098495, 3-0-8-1
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Hwy 66
Pacific, Missouri 63069


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Friday, January 21, 2005

Pretenders Beware

David G. Baugh’s
Awaken America Campaign

January 12, 1984 + 21
Orwellian Era of Fascism in America

Letter written to M.E.C.C./D.O.C. Parole Officer, November 22, 2004

Greetings: Please be advised that what I do, and where I go when I leave here is none of your business. The D.O.C. has no jurisdiction over me. I am unlawfully imprisoned. The prosecution, conviction and sentencing is void. I am a victim of criminal government. I committed no crime. My being prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned is persecution under color of law to suppress the truth I represent in an attempt to silence, discredit and destroy me. Since those who put me here committed constitutional anarchy, treason and oppression in office to put me here. It is they who are the real criminals. Since I am the victim, I am not eligible for parole or probation, as a matter of law, to wit: I was charged with a violation of 302.020, RSMo. This is the enforcement statute for the “Motor Vehicle Driver’s License Tax,” the excise (indirect) tax imposed by Article X, Section 4(a), Missouri Constitution, made collectable by the Director of the Missouri Department of Revenue by 136.030, RSMo, through the police power using 302.020. Chapter 302 is applicable under the Civil Code of Missouri as specifically enumerated in 517.011 RSMo. 556.021 RSMo defines 302.020 as an infraction, specifically, a “public welfare offense.” 556.021 also provides that violations of infractions are not to be punishable by any legal disability or disadvantage (imprisonment, probation, parole), but only fine or forfeiture. 556.021 further provides that such infractions are to be “explicitly distinguished” from “true crimes.” 556.026 provides that offenses must be defined by statute, but no conduct constitutes an offense unless made so by the criminal code, or by other applicable statute. As aforesaid, 302 is applicable under the Civil Code, not the Criminal Code. The Criminal Code governs construction of all criminal offenses, whether the offense is defined inside or outside the code in the absence of a special exception (556.031 RSMo).

Since 302.020 is merely part of a legislative regulatory revenue scheme of taxation that is an indirect form of taxation, it may not be imposed arbitrarily on everyone, but only those persons, or their property for whom or what it was written, and for whom or what it applies. The way liability is determined is by identifying the “nature” and “characteristic” of the property (automobile) being used as requiring the payment of the tax, which is evidenced by the possession of the driver’s license.

Contrary to popular belief, the driver’s license does nothing to improve public safety; if anything, it contributes to negligent behavior, but in reality, as aforesaid, it’s just another tax, intricately connected with the vehicle registration tax and application for a state issued title, or “certificate of ownership.” The truth is, the peoples’ corporate fiction creature government and mere public servants we allow to run it, have no grant of power to compel anyone to title their private property (automobile) with the state, simply because we possess no such power to grant, and we are the holders of the inherent political power over all internal government and police thereof (Article I, Sections 1, 2 and 3, Missouri Constitution). The truth is, when you make voluntary application for the title, your private, non-taxable property (automobile) then becomes private, taxable personal property because it is then identifiable as having the nature and characteristic requiring the payment of the aforesaid tax evidenced by the driver’s license and vehicle registration plates. It also invokes regulatory revenue enforcement.

Now, with this in mind, let us define this “nature” and “characteristic.” Title 18, USC, Section31 does this for us. It describes the meaning of “motor vehicle” as a mechanical conveyance used exclusively for profit or gain on the highways. Another characteristic would be a government-owned or operated vehicle, or a public school bus. A vehicle used exclusively for hauling dangerous materials would have the nature and characteristic rendering it and its use as taxable. The nature and characteristic of the vehicle and its use must be some statutorily defined privileged, public, occupational, business or commercial driving activity, and such definitions must not be vague and ambiguous, but must be very specific.

All private property, including automobiles used exclusively for ordinary locomotion and travel, is not taxable. Why? Because it is the fruits of your labor, and your private use of it is the enjoyment of the gains of your own industry. This property could be classified as ordinary household goods attendant to your household which are not taxable. This is your right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness guaranteed the Unanimous Declaration, and the U.S. and State Constitutions. Thus, when one such as I did, learns the truth, and refuses to participate in the scam and fraud, it incurs the wrath of plundering usurpers who derive unjust enrichment, power and control from it.

Who are these people? Primarily, Quisling, pettifogger, shyster lawyers and puppet political prostitutes, and predatory government armed thug parasites. They are committing criminal syndicalism (organized terrorism) against the people of Missouri, using the licensure regulatory revenue scheme as a protection racket of legalized plunder and extortion; they are insolent disobedient usurpers!

The Marxist doctrine of correctionalism is essential to the perpetuation of communism and the socialist police state ruled by fascism America has become. Thus, we have the “Department of Corrections.” As stated by Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson in 1954, “It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.” (American Communications Assn v. Douds, 382,442). As stated in the Missouri Constitution, Article I, Sections 1, 2, & 3, the people are the holders of the inherent political power over all internal government “and police thereof.”

Please be advised that you may be held liable for any action against me, now that I have duly informed you of the facts and law, notwithstanding my conviction, sentencing and imprisonment, which was, and is unlawful, and void ab initio. If you proceed against me in this matter, you will not be able to claim any qualified or official immunity, and will have to proceed in bad faith, with unclean hands, and will have also forfeited your office of public trust and must be removed therefrom on my complaint. Now that you know that you are an unwitting (or knowing) Marxist, are you going to correct your erroneous ways? If you don’t, I will sue you!


David G. Baugh,
Victim of Criminal Government

David G. Baugh
1098495, 3-0-8-1
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Hwy 66
Pacific, Missouri 63069


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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Letter To The Editor (for wide distribution)

January 6, 1984 + 21 = 2005
Orwellian era of Fascism in America

Dear Editor,

Since the New Year begins, and I still languish in prison, I must remind the insolent, disobedient public servant usurpers of our inherent political power we hold over all internal state government and police thereof, pursuant to Article I, Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Missouri Constitution, who prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned me, under Color of Law, that my persecutions only better expose their lies.

I must also remind my fellow Missourians that it is they who are being forced to fund my persecutions, subjecting then to even worse slavery. As I’ve proved, I committed no crime, nor did I violate any law; I simply refuse to be a slave to traitorous thieves in their criminal syndicalism (organized terrorism) and protection racket of legalized plunder and extortion through misapplication of law!

I again challenge my treasonous oppressors, Franklin County Prosecutor, Robert Parks and Judge Robert Schollmeyer to an open public debate on this issue. They will not debate me because the truth (facts and law) I represent exposes their lies and treason against the people!

How much longer will it be before my fellow Missourians wake up and realize that their allowance of, and funding of my persecutions by these quisling, pettifogger, shyster lawyers seals the same fate for all of us?

Though I may be cast into the darkest dungeon, hottest fiery furnace, a den of lions, tortured, maimed or murdered, I shall never submit to slavery! I am a free man, living in the Grace and Sacred Liberty of Yashua, the Messiah (Jesus, the Christ), America’s Only Risen King, Savior and Law Giver, here in this land of His Promise and Covenant, and my birthright!

Victim of Criminal Government,

David G. Baugh, #1098495, 5-B-256
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Highway 66
Pacific, Missouri 63069


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