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Monday, December 20, 2004

Open Letter

David G. Baugh’s December 10, 1984 + 20
Awaken American Campaign Orwellian Era of Fascism
In America

Open Letter to My Captors and Tormentors at M.E.C.C. and D.O.C.

Greetings from M.E.C.C. 5 House Dungeon, in the Name of Yashua, The Messiah (Jesus, The Christ)!

I Rejoice in your Persecutions, knowing that they further prove my allegations that Quisling, Pettifogger, Shyster Lawyers, and Puppet Political Prostitutes, have transformed our once Free and Independent Republic into an anti-Christ, humanistic, socialist police state, ruled by fascism and absolute despotism. I have been in D.O.C. imprisonment since March 15, 2004, for refusing to bow in fear, worship, support and dependence upon the people’s corporate fiction creature government image, and submit to slavery, and, in M.E.C.C. 5 House Dungeon since November 26, 2004 for refusing to allow a female guard to conduct a pat-down search on my person, based upon my strongly held spiritual training and belief. When a fellow inmate observed me being handcuffed (by a male guard), and asked why, I informed him it was because I refused to let the “BITCHES” lay their hands on me. For this, additional persecutions are being inflicted on me.

Of course, such persecutions are being invoked against me to “protect the security of the M.E.C.C. institution.” Since the D.O.C. is an anti-Christ institution, it must protect itself from us true followers of Yashua, such as myself, who represent the truth, which, when expounded by Word and by Deed as I am doing, exposes the lies upon which the D.O.C. is established and operates. In examining the D.O.C., one finds it is a de-facto, unconstitutional, statutory creature of the Missouri Legislature. There exists no lawful grant of political authority for its creation or operation. It is merely a corporate fiction creature (figment of imagination) of the people’s corporate fiction creature government image through legislative fiat. It exists only in the hearts and minds of those who believe in it, and give it power by their fear, worship, support, and dependence upon it.

The name given to this fraudulent creature, “Department of Corrections,” is what George Orwell called “Doublespeak and Doublethink” in his excellent book, “1984.” The D.O.C. is comparable to the “Ministry of Love” depicted in “1984” as an institution where the “politically incorrect” who refuse to serve ‘BIG BROTHER” fictional government are imprisoned and subjected to various degrees of psychological and physical torture until they are broken and rendered “politically correct,” as is evidenced by what you are doing to me.

The record shows I have committed no crime, nor have I violated any laws; I merely exercised my Right, Duty and Responsibility, by educating myself and discovering that the law was being misapplied, and being used for criminal syndicalism (organized terrorism) by insolent, disobedient public servant usurpers, and then exposing their protection racket of legalized plunder and extortion, by Word and by Deed. For this, the Quisling, pettifogger, shyster lawyers, Prosecutor Robert Parks, and Judge Robert Schollmeyer, acting in collusion and conspiracy, went to extraordinary lengths, at great public expense, to prosecute, convict, sentence and imprison me in the D.O.C.

The motto of the D.O.C., “striving for excellence” is a fallacious claim and ludicrous farce because the institution is both a political and legal absurdity built upon lies. It is beyond the purpose of government to “correct” the People; on the contrary, in America, it is the function of the People to correct the humans we allow to run our corporate fiction creature government image. The D.O.C. is proof that the People, in their woeful ignorance, are enslaved by political usurpers who have made “OFFENDERS” out of everyone! The only liberty and freedom existing in this socialist police state ruled by fascism, cloaked by its euphemism “democracy,” is to obey the specific performance edicts of the treasonous usurpers, ruthlessly enforced by parasitic, predatory government armed thugs, a.k.a., “Road Nazis,” and Quisling, pettifogger, shyster lawyer prosecutors and judges in their cash register court star chambers.

The D.O.C. is also proof that the people have forsaken the Laws of Yahweh, and Kingship of Yashua, the Messiah, and have resorted to the practice of Baal-worship. The source of law in any society is either Yahweh/Yashua (one and the same), or it becomes a “god or “gods.” When one such as I is baptized, it is a Sacred Covenant, or contract, to keep Yahweh’s Laws. This is how a follower of Yashua demonstrate his Love for Yahweh/Yashua (John 14:15). The first and foremost Commandment is to have no other “gods” before Yahweh. The second is to not make any images of these “gods” (false-belief-law-system; Baal worship), such as donkeys, elephants, eagles, monuments and the like. The third is to not go to some social club called a “church” a few days a week and give Yahweh/Yashua lip service, while at the same time bowing in fear, worship, support, and dependence upon the people’s own corporate fiction creature government image, and the insolent, disobedient public servant usurpers who run it for us. The fourth is to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

From the foregoing, it is self-evident that as Yahweh’s Covenant People, we have made a mass departure from his absolute, eternal, unalterable, and perfect law-system He established for us, and are now in breach of His first four Commandments. The “Kingdom of Yahweh” is the Government of Yahweh, which rests on the shoulder of Yashua (Isaiah 9:6-7) by His coming, death, burial and Resurrection. Thus, we in this generation bear witness to the Judgment of Yahweh upon us for our Lawlessness pursuant to Deuteronomy 28.

Most folks have adopted the false-belief-law-system through “strong delusions” Yahweh has given them making them believe lies (2 Thessalonians 2:11 and Hosea 4:6). Yahweh allows our anti-Christ adversaries (contemporary Edomites and Canaanites) to come in amongst us and be as “thorns in our sides” (Judges 2:1-3) invoking His chastisement. He allows aliens to come into our Land of His Covenant and our Birthright and eat out our substance, and dispossess us of our land and our property. Since our anti-Christ adversaries prosper on our iniquity, they promote their wicked and evil practices in our society, and infiltrate and influence our government into their humanistic, socialism/Red (Edomite) Communism, ruled by fascism, and the woefully ignorant deceived multitudes are thereby once again entangled in a heavy yoke of bondage (Galatians 5:1). Because they failed to seek first the Kingdom/Government of Yahweh, and failed or refused to look into and continue in the “Perfect Law of Liberty” (James 1:25), they were deceived by the leaven of contemporary Pharisee lawyers and false doctrines of men.

What you are attempting to do is force me to disobey Yahweh’s Laws, and to adapt to, and submit to the aforesaid anti-Christ, humanistic socialist police state ruled by fascism. In your strong delusions you believe lies as truth, and truth as lies; you see this evil you represent as good, and the good I represent as evil. Read Isaiah 5:20, 21, 23 and 10:1, 2! This is why Yashua vehemently condemns anti-Christ, Pharisee lawyers! Read Luke 11:39-54! Professing yourselves to be wise, you are double minded fools, worshipping the people’s corporate fiction creature government image rather than the Creator, Yahweh! Read Romans 1:18-32! I tell you like Elijah told wicked and evil Ahab and Jezebel, that it is not I who is troubling America, but you and the aforesaid public servant usurpers, because you all, like they did, have adopted the Edomite/Canaanite religion of humanistic socialism/communism ruled by fascism, which is Baal-worship of the people’s own perverted corporate fiction creature government image!

As a case in point, you are like the multitudes stirred up and deceived by the anti-Christ Pharisee lawyers, shouting, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” Later, they learned they had crucified the Messiah, and had to repent (change the way you think), and be baptized for the Remission of Sins and the receiving of the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). This Covenant frees us from alien dominion and sin, and brings us into the Government/Law-system of Yahweh, with Yashua as our only Risen King, Savior and Law Giver (James 4:12). We then must obey Yahweh, not men (Acts 5:29-42), because Yashua is our King, not the corporate fiction creature state (Acts 17). Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, Yashua was declared King over America in 1776! He still reigns as our King, now and forever! (Hebrews 13:8).

You mere humans we allow to run our corporate diction creature government image can never have any power or authority we ourselves do not possess, which would derogate and abrogate our antecedent, Unalienable Rights, Liberties and Freedoms given us by our Creator. What you and others fail to realize is, when you act in depriving me of my Sacred Liberty and Freedom, you are also acting against yourselves, your family and friends, your fellow Americans, and, most importantly, against Yahweh/Yashua. This is Yahweh’s Law based upon love, the fulfillment of which is to love Yahweh and His Laws, and love your neighbor as yourself (Romans 13:8-10); the Perfect Law of Liberty (James 1:25).

Some erroneously teach that Romans 13:1-7 is Yahweh’s commandment for us to abbey all laws of men in our government, but this is a Pharisee lie. The “higher powers” consist of those administering Yahweh’s Laws against evildoers who violate them. This does not include disobedience to unjust laws of men, or deliberate misapplication of law, such as in my case. Others erroneously believe the false doctrine, “render unto Caesar” (Matthew 22:21) requires strict obedience to men’s ungodly edicts, or misapplication of law. One is obligated to such specific performance ONLY if one is the subject of the statutory requirement as specifically set forth therein, not otherwise. In my case, I obey all laws, and pay all taxes I am legally obligated to pay. This I have always done and will always do. My imprisonment is the result of misapplication of law, which I have previously explained.

Naturally, since I am a victim of criminal government, and a follower of Yashua, the Messiah, I cannot, and will not, ever breech my Sacred Covenant with Yahweh. And this has led to my being persecuted by M.E.C.C. personnel, because M.E.C.C. is functioning according to the Canaanite religion and its effeminate Baal-worship. The woman was created by Yahweh to be the helpmeet for the man. The woman’s role in Yahweh’s social, political, economic environment order (law-system) is to be subjected to the man, and the man is to love and provide for her, and protect her. She is to bear their children and be their mother, and a dutiful obedient wife to her husband. The wife is to reverence her husband, and help maintain his self esteem, while he in turn fulfills her needs by loving and cherishing her. I am a trained counselor in these matters. I am also a duly authorized Ambassador of the Kingdom/Government of Yahweh, and teach the Word of Yahweh to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear truth (facts and law), which, unfortunately, is not many people.

It is not my desire to antagonize any of you. It is my desire to be at peace with all men. However, when the Truth I expound by Word and by Deed collides with the lies and deception which conceal this anti-Christ, humanistic, socialist, police state which false-belief-law-system you serve, you become my anti-Christ adversaries. The lie, and those who believe it, must protect it from the truth, which needs to no such support to stand on its own. It is easy to determine the truth from the lie, because the lie and those who believe it always suppress the truth and persecute those who expound it by Word and by Deed, such as myself.

Surely by now you realize my being imprisoned is totally contrary to stated D.O.C. aim and purpose. Why? Simply because there is nothing that needs your “correction,” because I’ve always been a productive and beneficial member of society. My being imprisoned in the D.O.C. serves absolutely no LEGITIMATE government purpose or compelling government interest. However, it does serve an UNLAWFUL government purpose, which is suppression of the truth and its messenger under color of law, which, as I’ve proved, is why I am here.

Now, in regard to my use of the term “bitches” in reference to the female prison guards. The term is appropriate based on the fact that the Canaanite religion is practices by you in the operation of M.E.C.C. and D.O.C. In Scripture, our Law Book, History Book and Moral Code, the Canaanites are referred to as “dogs.” This is because they are a wicked and evil people aligned with the equally wicked and evil Edomites, whom Yahweh hates (Malachi 1:14 and Romans 9:13), while He loves His people, Israel, now known as Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Celtic, Germanic and kindred Caucasian people who call themselves “Christians.” The Canaanite religion is effeminate and its practice allows for women to have authority over men, which is contrary to the patriarchal social, political order of Yahweh. Yashua, Himself, called a Canaanite woman a “dog” in Matthew 15:22-28, or a “bitch” since a female dog is a bitch.

Now I have the greatest admiration and respect for women who conduct themselves as women ought to according to the Word of Yahweh. You will not meet a more courteous, polite and loving man. However, I owe no such respect to women who lower and degrade themselves by becoming prison guards in an all male prison. This is especially so when they refuse to respect me and my strongly held spiritual training and belief when they try to put their hands on me, which is also contrary to the Laws of Yahweh. In both cases, I politely and respectfully asked them to get a male guard to do the search, but my requests were met with indifference, arrogance, disrespect and persecutions.

To her credit, Brenda Tesreau was respectful and polite, and even admitted she agreed with me, but was “just doing her job.” Her superior, Capt. Bucher, also a female guard, was extremely rude and disrespectful, and ordered me strip searched by a male guard, Mr. Engle. The other two female guards, Nellie Kuykendall and Juli Patterson, were very disrespectful and discourteous to me. This is especially important in light of the fact that both of these females were aware of who I was and of my objection to being searched by a female guard. I allege that their assault upon me, jointly and severally, was selective, vindictive and malicious, under color of authority, in bad faith, with unclean hands, and an abuse of discretion amounting to unlawful persecution.

Furthermore, I had filed a grievance against Kuykendall during my first week at M.E.C.C. due to her brazenly outrageous acts, specifically ordering all the men to strip down to our boxer shorts underwear, and have each one of us twirl around in front of her. I allege that Kuykendall’s actions against me on November 4th were in direct retaliation, selective, vindictive and malicious, against me for my having filed the aforesaid grievance against her which is still pending. I further allege that Kuykendall and Patterson, and possibly others, acted in collusion and conspiracy against me for the specific purpose of causing me damages and injuries under color of authority, under color of law and under color of process.

Patterson exhibited personal bias and prejudice against me, glaring at me with insulting disrespect. I allege that Patterson is suffering from some mental/emotional disorder, as is evidenced by her behavior and being overweight, and is therefore unfit to be employed by the D.O.C., particularly in any position of authority. Patterson should definitely not have been permitted to file a conduct violation against me for indirectly referring to her as a bitch, or such complaint should have been dismissed. This complaint by Patterson, and its being used to punish me, amounts to a violation of my freedom of speech, and practice and exercise of my strongly held spiritual training and beliefs. If Patterson felt insulted, her proper remedy was to file a civil suit against me. It was totally inappropriate for M.E.C.C. staff to allow this obviously neurotic, fat, foolish and fickle female to prevail against me. Again, I allege selective, vindictive and malicious retaliation in unlawful discrimination against me.

I have suffered severe and extreme irreparable damages and injuries for which I’m entitled to compensation, and I intend to hold each and every person, and the M.E.C.C. and D.O.C. personally and officially accountable. Obviously, you insolent, disobedient public servants have a real bad problem. You treat me with indifference, disrespect and like a child or an animal, and then expect me to comply with your nonsensical policy and have respect for you. HA! I may be your victim, but I am not your slave (1 Corinthians 7:23)! All you have succeeded in doing is raising my level of contempt for you and hatred of the anti-Christ socialism and fascism which you practice! And, as aforesaid, your actions against me prove my allegations.

So, what is to be done to resolve this matter? These are my terms: There will be no compromise for my Liberty and Freedom. In moving against me, you are my anti-Christ adversaries (“Satans”) and false accusers (“Devils”). It is my duty to Yashua (Jesus) to resist such tyranny and oppression, and rebuke you in His name for committing this criminal syndicalism against His people. Life is not so dear, nor peace so sweet as to be purchased by the chains of slavery you feel so comfortable in. You are double minded fools who accept slavery as freedom. If you call yourself a Christian American, and you are persecuting me, you are a liar and a hypocrite (Matthew 7:21-23 and 15:7-9). I am a humble messenger of truth (facts and law) which you reject, without cause, and persecute me in your false beliefs because you have not taken the time nor made the effort to examine said facts and law, which is your duty and obligation to Yashua, our King, and to me, as a matter of law. My death is more eligible to me than the slavery you try to force me to accept. I fear you not, and this is my perfect love of Yahweh/Yashua which casteth out fear. My obedience to Yahweh is fulfilled by my resistance to you evil doers in this spiritual warfare. I wield the Sword of Truth with power to pull down the stronghold of this wicked and evil corruption in high places. Now Yahweh’s revenge may be released upon all the insolent disobedient public servant usurpers who have persecuted me unlawfully (2 Corinthians 10:3-6). You have but one hope; repent...or perish. Our God is not mocked. You are now warned! (Ezekiel 33) Vengeance is on the way. Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve, Yahweh/Yashua or mammon, and the false-belief law-system. As for me, I serve Yashua, America’s Only Risen King, Savior and Law-giver.

David G. Baugh
Victim of Criminal Government

David G. Baugh, 1098495, 5 House Dungeon
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Hwy 66
Pacific, Missouri 63069

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