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Dave Baugh's Website Posted information regarding Dave G. Baugh's unlawful incarceration. Dave has been charged, prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned criminally for civil infractions. Update (9/5/07): Dave has been released, and can be reached at PO Box 314, Newburg, MO 65550 Links and audio at the bottom of page.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Update from prison from Dave Baugh

(dated:) March 22, 2004

Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,

What are my foremost thoughts and concerns since I have been cast into prison by usurpers of political authority? I suppose the average man would immediately contemplate how to be released, and I admit this thought passed through my mind, and, as everyone knows, I certainly put up a good fight in my effort to avoid my prosecution and subsequent conviction and sentencing. However, realizing I am a servant of our Creator/Savior, and praying about my current situation, the Holy Spirit leads me to believe that I have been sent here to best serve Him in whatever way He wishes to accomplish His objectives, and my objectives are secondary to His.

What most men who profess to be Christians, and particularly those who sat they are also patriots who love liberty fail to realize is that being cast into prison is actually a blessing and opportunity in disguise. First of all, there is no need to fear, and one must not, for fear is not of God, and our perfect love of Him (putting Him first in our lives) casteth out all fear. When a man does this, the fear is transferred into those who persecute and oppress us, and one gains the respect and honor due a true Christian soldier.

I appreciate the concerns of my friends and fellow patriots, and that such concerns have been made to my captors and those who persecute me under Color of Law. Let me herein describe this place, and my condition to ease everyone’s concerns, and also encourage others.

This place is huge. It is reminiscent of my induction and basic training in the USAF, only much more laid back. There are several housing units (I think about 10) which each has 4 wings, with 32 beds each for a total of 128 in each unit. Daily, new inmates are directed to go to the various buildings where reception and diagnostic procedure takes place. Frankly, I’m impressed. Each inmate is evaluated to best determine what is to be done with him to “correct” his previous criminal tendencies, and prepare him for return to society so he can become a productive, beneficial member of society without posing any threat or danger to himself or others.

In my observations, most everyone here has had either a drug problem, alcohol problem, or both. Most were hooked, but some were distributors. Sadly, it appears to me that at least half of the men here, should not be here, including myself. Many of these had jobs or businesses, and posed no actual threat or danger to themselves or others, and the rest simply enjoy using marijuana, or drinking beer and partying but were not any threat or danger to themselves or others to such an extent that they should be charged with a crime and imprisoned. Most of them also have a family.

This prison population is very fertile ground for the Christian patriot movement, which leads me to believe this is one of the reasons our Creator sent me here, by hardening the hearts of those who moved against me. The main reason, however, I believe it is better be able to awaken the sleeping army of Christian soldiers to the truth and get them to face reality. Also, there are many men in here who are sincerely seeking truth, and are ready to face reality. There is a revival taking place in the prisons of our land. The harvest is great, and the workers are few. The fact is, most of these men are more righteous and sincere Christian than the multitudes who give our Creator/Savior lip service in some social club erroneously called a “church” a few days a week. These men, in their afflictions, are open and receptive to the truth, and no longer suffer from the “strong delusions” like the woefully ignorant, deceived multitudes. These men know that the humans we allow to run our corporate fiction creature government are committing constitutional anarchy, treason, and oppression in office against the people. Why? Because they are victims! Most of them are not “criminals,” but are outlaws who, for lack of knowledge, mounted resistance to the outrageous government misconduct by resorting to drugs, alcohol, or other such behavior. When people are oppressed they do turn to such things, for there is no vision of hope, and without a vision, the people perish. It is through humble messengers like me their vision of hope is restored.

All that is necessary to correct the problem is to educate these men in the truth, and equip them with faith and if they need it a vocational skill. And if they need it, drug/alcohol rehabilitation. I see the prison system doing this for those that need it, but I think some changes must be made which I’ll not dwell on here.

I have met a prominent guitarist/singer, Sean Rogers, who knows Carl Klang, and is very interested in joining with others and me in spreading truth. I suggested to him, when we are released, getting together with Alfred Adask, and perhaps others, and traveling around putting on seminars. We could combine some excellent entertainment with the word of God, and Constitutional law, historical review, and analysis of our current spiritual, social, political and economic condition as a nation of God’s covenant people.

Almost daily, I make new friends. The Spirit of Liberty and Freedom, which is brought about by the spirit of our Lord and King is stirring up the hearts and minds of His people!

Lastly, I am working on a petition for a declaratory judgment I intend to file simply requesting the appellate court to tell me what the law says, and asking how the law is to be applied. I expect this to set the stage for other litigation, which I’ll share in a later update. I will also be filing a writ of habeas corpus in the local circuit court. If that fails, then I’ll file another in the appellate court, and so on. Additionally, I’ll be putting my writing skills to work sending out “Open Letters” to various public servants, which are intended for distribution as wide as possible.

So you see friends, all is not as bad as it may seem. I am very thankful for what I have, and very humbly honored that our Heavenly father would consider me for such an important mission in this regeneration. Being imprisoned has it advantages; it is a time to rest, a time to think and reason without the usual distractions of life, and a time to study the word of God and to pray to Him. It is also a time to plan a path of righteousness to follow in fulfillment of our Creator’s will for our lives. One does not have to worry about food, clothing, housing, medical care, or anything else – it is all provided! I have a room and bed to sleep in, a chair and desk to sit at, a sink, toilet and shower, and window to look out of and can even open it and hear birds, smell fresh air and savor God’s blessings. In this place, we get out and walk to and from the chow hall, and to and from other places on our own honor to be where we are supposed to be. Sure, I miss things most take for granted on the outside, but don’t dwell on them. I know for a fact that because I took a stand in the name of, and for the glory of Jesus Christ, and proclaimed Him alone as my King before men, not fearing what they may do to me, even unto death, my reward will be great in the heavenly Kingdom resulting from such faithful obedience and perseverance, just as it is written. Furthermore, all I lost will be restored to me 100 fold. What do you suppose would happen if thousands of true Christian Americans would boldly do the same? The courts and prisons couldn’t handle it!

In His service for liberty,

David G. Baugh

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Bogged down

Dave continues to send letters to me from his cell. It's easy to get behind on the task of transcribing several 10-page handwritten letters. I hope to have something for you soon...

Dave is out of money. If you can send $20 to a J-Pay account in his name, (inmate #1098495), call 1-(800) 574-JPAY.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Anonymous letter rec'd today...

I have read David Baugh's letter and I agree with him. I feel that in today's world, which spiritually shouldn't change because GOD never changes, it is impossible to live in society with the freedom he speaks of unless you totally isolate yourself from the world. I agree with him totally about the drivers liscense issue and for that matter everything else he has said. We are told to obey our leaders and pray for them, the Bible says, but what are we suppose to do when they don't recognize God's laws?? My question to you is, what is a felony? I have heard in the past that to be arrested and convicted of a felony I believe there needs to be 3 things happen. One is there needs to be a dead body, and I can't remember the other 2. Have you heard this. I realize that he is being arrested for a class D felony. I am not up to date on, what I call, frivolous laws, as I should be but there is somewhere 3 things that constitute a felony. I appreciate your resourcefulness and I appreciate Derry's show (www.derrybrownfield.com) and what you guys are doing. There is only one place where inferior mans laws won't be needed and that is in heaven. May God bless you.

Jeff B.

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Monday, March 22, 2004


March 22, 2004

Greetings in the name of our Only Risen King, Savior & Law Giver, Jesus, the Christ. As I write this, primarily to my family and friends, I have been incarcerated in Fulton Reception & Diagnostic Center since March 15, 2004, on 3 counts of the Class D felony offense of driving a motor vehicle on a highway without a valid drivers license. Few, who read this, if any, have ever studied this particular statutory requirement as extensively as I have over the past several years. No, my “offenses” are not alcohol or drug related. I have no criminal record, and have an excellent driving record of over one and a half million miles, with only a few minor accidents, none of which were my fault. I am not a licensee who has had his license revoked or suspended. I merely determined from my study of the statue, that it does not apply to me in my claim and exercise of ordinary right of locomotion/freedom of mobility. I am 100% certain that I am correct, and sure that anyone of average intelligence would arrive at the same conclusion once they have taken the time, and made the effort to study the law and its proper application as I have. I am so certain that I have placed my life, fortune and sacred honor on the line, as did the signers of our unanimous Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. It is for this reason alone that I am incarcerated.

Many have ridiculed and condemned me for taking this stand, and some have even cursed me and rejected me. However, many more have expressed their love, respect, and appreciation for standing up in the name of, and for the glory of our Risen King, Jesus Christ, for they know the truth I represent will eventually free us from this temporary bondage we’ve become entangled in as a result of our disobedience to our Creator and His “perfect law of liberty.”

Most who read this, including my own family, have lived all their lives under “strong delusions,” and therefore have come to believe in a lie. It is a multi-faceted lie, but built on the concept that as humans, we can be as our Creator, and ignore His law, and decide for ourselves individually and collectively how to best set up our social, political and economical order or “law system.” History proves that all such human endeavors end in failure, always with chaotic and catastrophic conditions. Our beloved America is no exception. Our Creator/Savior is not mocked. What we have sown, we now reap. We have sown the seeds of humanistic socialism, which necessitates fascist law enforcement. This however, is but a symptom of the problem. As Thoreau once said, ‘if we want to solve the problem, we must cease swatting at the branches and dig down to the root.’ This, unfortunately, is a task left to the few such as I who face truth and accept reality.

As we know, the love of money is the root of all evil. We also know that we cannot serve our Creator/Savior and mammon simultaneously, and so must make a choice as to whom we shall serve – YAHWEH, our Creator/Yahshua, our Messiah (one and the same), or the false belief law system built upon economic fraud and usury which has usurped power and authority, and now reigns in the heats and minds of the people through their woeful ignorance, deception and strong delusions. However, if one is unaware, he is unaware of being unaware, and reluctant to carefully examine the facts and law, and then re-evaluate his beliefs.

When one reads each state constitution, one finds that it is the people who are the holders of the inherent political power over all internal state government, “and police thereof,” as is so properly stated in the Missouri Constitution. This power we have is directly applied, not indirectly through our voting process. In the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Robert Jackson, “It is not the function of the government to inform the citizen when he is in error; it is the function of the citizen to inform the government when it is in error.” It is through our Creator/Savior, God the Father/Jesus the Son we were freed from the alien dominion we had been in, and redeemed into His covenant, and placed into our respective lands of birthright, covenant and promise (“Multitude of Nations”) of which America and the several states united are one. It was understood by the Christian people who founded America that Jesus Christ was, and forever will be, our only Risen King, Savior and Lawgiver. We then created each corporate fiction state government, and a corporate fiction creature federal government so that we would have a peaceful, free and prosperous social, political and economic law system, which we, the people reigned over under our King, Jesus Christ. The function of government is to punish only the evildoer, if and when an actual breach of the peace occurs, and there is an actual damaged person or property. It is beyond the scope of government authority to prevent crimes from occurring, for when it does, it becomes a false god. It is also beyond the scope of government authority for the people’s corporate fiction creature, and mere humans they allow to run it, to provide any form of social entitlements, benefits, privileges or protections. All such humanistic socialism, invoked through fascism called “law enforcement,” is foreign to the state and U.S. Constitutions, and is in contravention with the Word/Laws of our Creator. The only way a corporate fiction creature called “the state” can provide anything is to first steal it from a productive member of society, and then distribute such funds to perpetuate the antichrist system. People, in their strong delusions and ignorance, fear, worship; support and depend upon a figment of their imaginations, their own corporate fiction creature government and mere humans they allow to run it, as opposed to seeking first the Kingdom/Government/Law system of Almighty God. Human social planner public servants deem themselves better capable than our Creator, and invoke one scheme after another, always based upon “necessity,” the eternal creed of tyrants and oppressors. At the same time, our antichrist adversaries invoke immorality and encourage irresponsibility, drug & alcohol abuse, through their owned/controlled media & entertainment industry. Dialectical materialism is induced through the Hegelian Principle; thereby molding the way people think and react to a given simultaneous projection of opposing viewpoints. Thus, we now have an entire generation of woefully ignorant, deceived “sheeple” who are hopelessly enslaved because they have the illusion of freedom.

Historically, when a humble messenger such as myself, by word and by deed begins to proclaim that which has been hidden before those who do not have eyes to see, nor ears to hear the truth which will make them free, and enable then to face reality, and come out of their strong delusions (darkness) and into Christ’s marvelous light (the Way, the Truth and the Life), such people vehemently reject Him. In my case, I’ve been cast into prison, just as were the prophets, apostles, and others who chose to follow Jesus Christ and be free. There is nothing new under the sun. What we are witnessing now happened to us, our Creator’s covenant people, Israel, now known as Christians before, and for the exact same reason. That reason is because we have turned our back on Him and His Law-system of perfect liberty, and are now fearing, worshipping, supporting and depending on our own corporate fiction creature, and His laws are made of no effect. As a nation of His people, we must either repent (change the way we think), and come out of our deception and seek Him, or we will perish like some of our Israelite ancestors. In closing, the greatest legacy I can leave my posterity, friends, countrymen, and my country is liberty, for only in liberty with freedom to responsibly exercise and enjoy it can we have true safety and security. So put away your vague and imprecise notions, and general habit of blind obedience based thereon, educate yourself in truth (facts and law), put usurping public servants back in their place, and get yourself free and proclaim Christian liberty throughout our land!

In love and service to our King, Jesus Christ,

David G. Baugh

Resistance to tyranny = obedience to God!

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Beyond corrupt

Oath Coordinator Resigns: Corruption In Courts Is Too Entrenched

Calls For A Federal Investigation

Chestertown, New York- The coordinator for the New York State Oath of Office Project June Maxam, tearfully confided yesterday (March 18) that she has resigned from her investigations into the explosive judicial scandal rocking New York courts.

“Something happened to me yesterday, it's like a piece was taken out of me, it's physical, it's like I had a stroke or shock, I am in just a state of total disbelief not only that the court totally disregarded the truth but obviously wasn't interested in the truth.”

Maxam is responsible for uncovering nearly 82 percent of judges across New York who are violating the state Constitution and New York State law for failing to file their oath and or undertaking as mandated. “The situation in our courts extends beyond those in non-compliance and right smack into corruption so wide-spread there must be a federal investigation.” Maxam continued.

“When you have solid proof of falsified transcripts and a judge and a DA who refuses to act upon it …allows this, New York has a major problem.” Maxam was appealing a four year-old harassment conviction before Glens Falls City Court Judge Tarentino.

After a two-year delay in violation of three court orders, whe court stenographer Jayme Harvey finally produced the transcripts needed for the appeal, Maxam found that they had been falsified and could prove it by an unedited tape recording of the proceedings in question.

But Tarantino refused to listen to the tape, refused to compare the actual transcript with the falsified transcripts and allowed the falsfied transcripts to serve as the official record.

“Tarentino isn’t even in office, nor is the special prosecutor, Gary Hobbs and Hobbs even filed a false statement with the Warren COunty District Attorney's office claiming he had filed an oath when the county clerk has certified he did not" Maxam lamented.

“The issue here isn’t about me. Everyday I get calls from all over New York from people so extorted by our courts begging me to help expose the corruption. What they fail to understand is my investigative journalism has cost me the ability to regularly publish my paper, my advertisers were threatened with being burned out and now its gone on to the level of harassing my 86 year-old father, all in an effort to stop me from exposing the corruption. If that’s not illegal what is? That is a total abuse and corruption of the judicial system.”

Maxam says that even lawyers are too afraid of the current system to act, “Judges in New York are allowed to violate our laws and lawyers are too fearful to speak-up…our Attorney General could care less that judges wield power that overextends their authority. Where is Chief Justice Judith Kaye? Does it matter to her that her fellow justices are violating not just public officers law, but trashing both our state and federal Constitutions…apparently not.”

Ms. Maxam’s activism to force compliance by officials has as she stated, “Put me in personal danger and I face four years in jail after having already been illegally incarcerated four times because officials willfully ignore the Bill of Rights.” When asked if she believed giving up her crusade would alleviate her legal problems, Maxam emphatically stated. “Oh, for certain. I’m a threat to their power base. They must shut me up because I have exposed them for what they are … imposters and gangsters in black robes.”

The findings of Maxam’s investigation was hand delivered to Attorney General Spitzer who as of this date has not commented nor apparently acted to reform our justice system.

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Tim Kniest's reply to a letter of inquiry

On 3-15-04 David G. Baugh was sentenced of 2 counts of driving without a valid driver's license, a class D felony, out of Franklin County. He was sentenced to a 2 year sentence and a consecutive 3 year sentence.
Mr. Baugh is currently confined at the Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Correctional Center (FRDC).

While at FRDC an offender is evaluated on a variety of issues including medical, mental health, employment history and skills, substance abuse and criminal history. Following this evaluation a custody level is established and the offender is transferred to an appropriate institution based on his history and needs. This process usually takes from 60 to 90 days depending upon the individual offender's needs and availability of bed space at the receiving institution.

The philosophy of the Department is that offenders are sentenced to prison as punishment, not for punishment. Our policies and procedures, as well as state law, strictly prohibit any abuse of offenders.

Any questions concerning Mr. Baugh's sentence and conviction would best be answered by the Prosecuting Attorney in Franklin County.

Tim Kniest
Missouri Department of Corrections
Public Information Officer

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Friday, March 19, 2004

A phonecall from Dave

Dave called me this morning, here are a few excerpts to bring you up to-date.

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Our corporate fiction creature government, with God is at enmity,
Through puppet parasitic usurpers of our inherent political authority.
With force, government’s a dangerous servant, just as fire,
Which has become again a fearful master for public hire.
Human social planners as public servants mold our society,
Into every whim of socialist, humanist, fascist propriety;
To appease the woefully ignorant and greatly deceived masses,
In their strong delusions, false beliefs, and social classes.
I’m a victim of the public, who unwittingly fund the oppressions,
And quisling usurpers, with vain and insane obsessions.
The constitutions be damned, and full speed ahead,
Toward the wide gate of destruction, just as our Creator said.
Another hard lesson, is about to be learned,
Which this generation has not yet discerned.
Fickle and foolish we are, and cannot alter our Creator’s Laws,
And be as gods, without invoking results of our fatal flaws.
Our once noble peace officers are now law enforcement officers,
Thugs collecting filthy lucre, to fill wicked government coffers,
While messengers of truth like me languish in their jails,
On void judgments of cash register courts imposing outrageous bails.
Society loses production, and oppressive government grows,
And slavery is called freedom, while filthy lucre flows.
Pastors in social clubs called churches, preach false doctrines of men,
Giving lip service to our Creator, while we lose our land and liberty again.
Sacred liberty is lost for public safety, amusement and entertainment,
Complacency, cowardice, materialism, and implied consent.
Liberty and freedom is forfeited for such false safety and security,
Under the age-old creed of tyrants and oppressors necessity.
The land of the free, and home of the brave,
Is now the land of the fee, and home of the slave.
The people’s new ‘god’ is their own corporate fiction state,
And such Baal-worship has sealed our once free nation’s fate.
Our Creator is a just and jealous God – His Law Supreme,
And as His Word reveals to us – it is not superstition or a dream.
May this humble messenger’s warning, by word and by deed,
Be loud enough for sleeping Christian Americans to heed,
And let not my afflictions, my scars and my pain,
My sacrifices in love, have been suffered in vain,
For we have our Creator’s promise, His power and authority,
Through the shed blood of our Savior, to once again be free,
And come out of the Babylonian bondage we are in,
Ask His forgiveness, and cease dwelling in such sin.
We must seek first the government of our Almighty Creator Great,
And cease fear, worship, support and dependence on our corporate fiction state!

Dave Baugh

I received a letter from Dave today, as he sits in the FRDC. In the letter he included the above poem, written from the Washington County, Missouri jail on March 6, 2004.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

DOC Mission Statement

The Missouri Department of Corrections Investigation Unit investigates violations of Missouri State Law and serious violations of Department procedure at all Department of Corrections facilities across the state. The unit, consisting of an Inspector General, 3 Regional Investigation Supervisors and 31 Investigator II's, works closely with Federal, State and local law enforcement to ensure criminal violations are prosecuted.
All investigators are experienced professionals who have held a variety of positions in the law enforcement community. Investigators are chosen from the Missouri Merit Register, based on education, experience and character.

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Al Adask's letter to the Investigation Supervisor at FRDC

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I understand David Baugh has been sent to the Fulton
Diagnostic Center under unusual circumstances.

Has he been convicted of a crime? Is he being
evaluated for placement in a prison?

Or is he awaiting trial and being subjected to
psychological evaluation?

Mr. Baugh has been a political activist for several
years and caused his local government some discomfort.
He's not violent. In fact, he's a dedicated and
loving Christian. But he is persistent, even
stubborn, in pursuing what he believes to be the

But I think it's important to recognize that Mr.
Baugh's determination is not obsessive or
mean-spirited. It is, instead, a consequence of his
faith in God.

There is concern that that psychological and medical
technologies available to the Fulton Diagnostic Center
may be used to provide some "extra-judicial"
punishment for Mr. Baugh as a means of "neutering" his
political activism. These concerns are hopefully
misguided or at least exaggerated, but they are based
in part on reports that in A.D. 1992, Mr. Gunther
Russbacher was terrorized, threatened, beaten,
subjected to solitary confinement, and (in some
people's estimation) nearly murdered within the Fulton
Diagnostic Center.

Again, we hope that Mr. Baugh faces nothing abusive in
his treatment at Fulton, and that fears of abuse at
your facility are misguided. But, nevertheless, a
substantial number of individuals including at least
one national radio talk show are going to monitor Mr.
Baugh's circumstances and personal well-being as long
as he's at Fulton.

We hope that both Dave Baugh and the Fulton Diagnostic
Center get "clean bills of health".

If there's another administrator at Fulton who should
be contacted regarding Mr. Baugh, please let me know.

Thanks very much for your time.


http://www.antishyster.netwithout prejudice to my God-given, unalienable Rights
at arm's length
Alfred Adask

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Mike Payne is the Inspector General of the Missouri Dept of Corrections:

Edward Robinson is the Investigatin Supervisor at the Fulton Reception & Diagnostic Center:

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From Bad Billy


you asked.......... "whats going on here"...............

here is your answer:

the sub divisions of this state....... municipalities and such are acting in accordance with this case:

Larry Max Jennings, Respondent, v. Director of Revenue, Appellant.
The circuit court erred. Because this is not a criminal case, but an administrative law case, none of the issues considered by the circuit court were applicable.
Section 302.505 cases do not implicate constitutional protections against unreasonable governmental searches and seizures. Riche v. Director of Revenue, Case 80861, slip op. (Mo. banc Feb. 23, 1999). These actions are creatures of statute. The General Assembly is free to set the boundaries and procedures for any cause of action which it creates, and we will interfere only in cases in which those procedures violate due process and other constitutional guarantees. See Lunsford v. Director of Revenue, State of Missouri, 969 S.W.2d 833, 835 (Mo. App. 1998); Wates v. Carnes, 521 S.W.2d 389, 390 (Mo. 1975). In Wates, the Supreme Court reaffirmed its earlier comments in Spitcaufsky v. Hatten, 182 S.W.2d 86, 95 (Mo. banc 1944),(FN5) that "since [administrative law](FN6) is a matter solely of statutory creation, the courts must follow the method provided by statute for their collection, if adequate." Wates, 521 S.W.2d at 390.
Wates involved collection of taxes, which, like suspension of a driving license, is a matter of administrative law. Costello v. City of St. Louis, 262 S.W.2d 591, 596 (Mo. 1953)("the proceedings preliminary to and the sale of property by the Collector for delinquent taxes is administrative in character")(overruled on other grounds by Powell v. County of St. Louis, 559 S.W.2d 189 (Mo. banc 1977).

This case should make clear to you that David is not protected by the constitutional guarantees with respect to the administrative/regulatory actions being pursued against him...............

In order for the state or county to apply this enforcement to David (a private citizen who at all times acts in his own private capacity) the state must presume (which it does) that david is a: corporation, body politic, partnership or other unincorporated association (see RSMo Chapter 1.. definition of person) or a natural person acting in one of those capacities.......... david has informed them, on the record, that he is in fact not such..... but the court ignores his declaration.

therein lies the problem....... the state subdivision can enforce its regulatory action so long as it can plausibly believe the defendant is a regulable entity. The nature of the court is such that it sits in equity with plenary equitable power thru its discretion to accept or reject any evidence that is brought before it........ with this power, the court merely refuses to recognize david is not a regulable entity and hence will not hear any evidence to the contrary.

this technique gives the subdivision of government unlimited power to force its will on everyone without having to satisfy constitutional restraints..... this has been going on for many years unabatted.

David, like me, has set out to challenge these unlawful actions by government and have met a firestorm of criticism from the legal and representative community for daring to ask the question........ "where do you derive this authority from"....... a question that none of these courts will even attempt to answer. Instead,,, they convert civil matters to criminal within the scope of the administrative authority and encarcerate private citizens who acted only in their own private capacity without due process....... because they can.... so long as they presume them to be other than what they are (sovereign citizens acting in their own private capacity).

this is the nature of the law that is unlawfully binding david and many others.......


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From Lawful vs legal

Richie, some info on the facility here:

Notice below it says it also administers 2 other programs, but
only list 1 of the 2. The only email address for it that I've found
so far is this one:
which is not specifically to this particular institute.

From the response from Alfred Adask on David's site, his particular
concern "the principle question is whether the Fulton iagnostic Center
deals in whole or in part with sychological evaluations. If it does, Dave
may be in esperate need of widespread public support" is answered
below, and is NO, not it's primary concern. However, I believe for
safety sake, his observation that "The only thing this system fears
is public exposure. If enough people can locate the "Fulton Diagnostic
Center's" email address and send messages inquiring about David
Baugh, we may be able to provide Dave with a great service" is
very correct. Mailed letters with proof of receipt would be good also.

As Alfred also says, "I stand to be corrected, but so far as I know,
Dave has not been convicted of a crime but is merely being held in
anticipation of trial. If so, the only reason that I can imagine for sending
him to Fulton is to perform a psychological evaluation." NOT good.

Laurence Gilbert

Fulton Reception and
Diagnostic Center
(C-1 to C-5 male)
P.O. Box 190
Fulton, Mo. 65251
Stewart V. Epps, Superintendent

The Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center (FRDC) is the intake and orientation center for male inmates assigned from central Missouri. The staff is responsible for the evaluation of inmates and their assignment to other correctional facilities custody levels C-1 to C-5. Assigning inmates to an appropriate facility increases public and institutional risk, and individual inmate needs such as aggressiveness, mental health, substance abuse, employment and vocational. FRDC houses 1,302 inmates. Two hundred minimum-security prisoners are assigned as the facility work force. The remaining 1,104 are reception inmates assigned transitionally during their evaluation and subsequently assigned to mainstream facilities appropriate to their risk and needs.

FRDC also administers two other programs located on the grounds of the Fulton State Mental Hospital. The Biggs Correctional Unit (BCU) is a 30-day evaluation center for inmates suffering from mental illness. This unit houses 20 male and 10 female inmates. This program is administered jointly with the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

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From Bad Billy


re: David Baugh

I am in agreement with Al........ David is certainly in a difficult circumstance. Action is needed now.

with respect to the motion to intervene and brief in support.... that all can file in the washington county court and probably in the federal district court along with the next friend habeas action, we need certified court records (which are public documents)...... If we are going to file a federal habeas action..... we had better get the last case file from Franklin county as well... (the one where david was sentenced to 9 years)

here is the pertinent information you will need to get those documents:

WHAT:: GET THE CASE NUMBERS FOR DAVIDS CASES IN BOTH FRANKLIN AND WASHINGTON COUNTY...... the certified copy of the case file is everything that is on the record of the court in each case......... that includes everything david filed in his defense.......

If there is a transcript of all hearings and the trial........ which in franklin county i think there was....... you should request that as well........ (dont' know what they will charge for that)

WHERE: In each county courthouse..... there is a civil and criminal records division. (they may be separate offices in the same building) this is where you go to request the records.....

You may need to go to the court clerk for transcripts........ the clerk will direct you to where you can get a copy.

COST: the records will cost about .50 per page copied and about $2.50 for the certification from the clerk.......

once we have the certified record........ we can begin work on the habeas and the intervention documents........ the sooner we can get these the better.......... i would assist with the cost but i am in worse financial condition than dave was as i have been fighting the same matters in the courts as dave is.......... except i am on the west side of the state....... my website is www.doprocess.net where i publish my activities in this area.

It would be a good idea for you to publish the documents for all to see.........Once I have the records...... i will produce the documents so you can publish them before they are filed........ so that Al and others can have input into their accuracy and completeness........

I think i can file the habeas actions here in kc's 8th district court. if not it may have to be filed in St Louis. I will call to find out and let you know......

FYI.......... davids cases in franklin and washington county are perfect for attacking the regulatory abuses. he has harmed no one....... no dui's....... etc....... his fight is one of principle in the preservation of our birthright. His position is solid. joining in his defense is an act of patriotism and consistent with our american heritage. We need to protect those that would rail against the attacks on that birthright.


posted by Jeff  # 5:49 AM

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Dave moved from Washington County Jail to Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center

Dave called me about 4:30pm on Tuesday March 16, 2004 to say that he had been moved to Fulton immediately following his court appearance.

After I put out the word, I received the following responses:

From Al Adask:

Response #1

Hi Jeff,

I'm not sure, but I suspect the "Fulton Diagnostic
Center" may be intended to determine a defendant's
sanity. Over the years I've seen one or two cases I
know to be true, and heard of several others wherein
the court's dispose of particularly troublesome
defendants by sending them off for a mental health
"evaluation". It's the court's ultimate weapon.
There is no legal recourse. If the judge claims you
may be mentally unbalanced, you're almost certainly
going away to be "evaluated".

The danger is that if the personnel at the "Diagnostic
Center" are so inclined, the person sent for an
"evaluation" may be subjected to chemical, electrical
or physical assaults on his mind that temporarily or
permanently alter and diminish his mental capacity.

The classic example of which I'm aware is that of
Stephen Ames out in North Carolina who gave the system
fits for years. I didn't always agree with the man's
opinions, but there was no doubt that he was a
brilliant and dedicated legal researcher.

The government arrested him about A.D. 2000 and
(eventually) sent him to a mental health facility
which he entered with an IQ reported to be around 160.
When he was released some months later, he reportedly
settled into a chair by a window to simply smoke
cigaretts and gaze outside. Whatever happened at his
"evaluation," his mind was reportedly diminished on a
temporary or permanent basis.

Dave Baugh may be facing a similar situation. He's
clearly given the system fits for years. He's fought
the IRS and traffic laws for a decade or more.
Because he's motivated by his faith in God, he won't

Thus, it's possible his adversaries have decided to
have Dave mentally "neutered".

Dave's reported description of the procedures being
used against him as "amiss," "bizarre," and "rigged"
are consistent with this hypothesis. If they can't
defeat a man with law, they will rarely defeat him
permanently with chemicals, etc. It is the court's
"final solution" for troublesome litigants.

Again, in this instance, the fundamental question is
this: Is the "Fulton Diagnostic Center" of Missouri
intended (at least in part) to make psychological and
mental evaluations? If so, Dave may be in great
If you can determine the Fulton Diagnostic Center's
purpose to include mental health evaluations, please
do so. As a radio talk show host, perhaps you can
call and simply ask the chief administrator--and in so
doing let him know the public will be watching Dave's

I may be over-reacting, but if not, Dave's only
defense may be widespread public recognition and
support. If the government has already moved him to
"Fulton," time may be very short. If there's anything
you can do with your radio station to call attention
to this possible atrocity, I hope you'll do so.

I just published my website a few weeks ago at


The website is under construction and I'm not getting
much traffic yet, but I'll try to post information on
Dave's predicament. I'll also forward this message to
several other groups I'm associated with in hopes of
generating some public attention for Dave's situation.

Again, the principle question is whether the Fulton
Diagnostic Center deals in whole or in part with
psychological evaluations. If it does, Dave may be in
desperate need of widespread public support.

The only thing this system fears is public exposure.
If enough people can locate the "Fulton Diagnostic
Center's" email address and send messages inquiring
about David Baugh, we may be able to provide Dave with
a great service.


Alfred Adask

Response #2

Hi Jeff,

I did an internet search for "Fulton Diagnostic
Center". Didn't find a whole lot. This center is
most typically used to "diagnose" recent convicts
before placing them in some permanent prison facility.
Depending on their age, psychological attitudes,
tendency to engage in (or defend against) violence,
the recent convicts will be sent off to various prison
facilities of varying degrees of "hardness".

However, the Fulton Diagnostic Center is also used to
make psychological evaluations of prisoners who have
not yet been convicted of a crime but are believed to
be mentally unbalanced.

I stand to be corrected, but so far as I know, Dave
has not been convicted of a crime but is merely being
held in anticipation of trial. If so, the only reason
that I can imagine for sending him to Fulton is to
perform a psychological evaluation.

You probably don't know the name "Gunther Russbacher,"
but he was a very important "secret agent" for the CIA
and/or military intelligence during the 1970s and
1980s. If I recall correctly, Russbacher allegedly
piloted the super-super-sonic "Blackbird" that carried
Vice Presidential candidate George Bush Sr. from New
York to France and back in period of something like
eight hours--round trip. Bush Sr. was reportedly sent
to France for some secret meeting with representatives
of the Iranian government. By using the Blackbird for
transportation at speeds that were unimaginable in the
late A.D. 1970s, Bush Sr. would be able to create
plausible deniability by being seen in New York on the
same day he met secretly in France. If anyone
reported the meeting in France, Bush would have plenty
of eye-witnesses to testify that he was in New York on
the same day and within hours of when he was allegedly
in France and thereby deny any meeting took place in

I've never met Russbacher, but I did talk to his wife,
Rayelan, several times while he was jailed in the
early A.D. 1990s. Gunther and Rayelan had one heckuva

When I searched for "Fulton Diagnostic Center" I came
up with Rayelan Russbacher's website which disclosed
that when her husband Gunther was jailed in A.D. 1992,
he was also sent to "Fulton" for psychological

In the context of that medical and psychological
evaluation, Russbacher experienced at least one heart
attack, and was allegedly threatened with the death of
his son if he talked to Ross Perot, etc., was beaten
by guards, placed in solitary confinement, etc. This
is extraordinary story with a cast of characters that
includes Vice Presidential candidate George Bush Sr.
and Ross Perot. The heart of the story involves the
Reagan-Bush candidacy in . . . 1980? . . . and their
secret deal with the Iranian government which, under
the Ayotollah Khomeni, had seized and held about two
dozen American hostages. Reagan-Bush reportedly cut a
deal with the Iranians to hold the American hostages
until after the November election so Jimmy Carter
would lose his re-election bid.

Although I can't verify the details, to best of my
knowledge the story is essentially correct.

My point is that Fulton has been used for over a
decade to make psychological "evaluations"--at least
occassionally--in politically sensitive cases. And
there are at least one set of allegations from A.D.
1992 wherein the Fulton Diagnostic Center was
reportedly used to threaten the life of a man's son
and imperil the life of the man himself.

Thus, David Baugh may be in some peril.

I've attached the text from of the Russbacher story
and the story's URL below.

Incidentally, you might try to track Rayelan down on
the internet. If I recall correctly, Gunther was
finally released from prison and he and Rayellan
subsequently divorced. Too bad.

But I suspect Rayelan might be willing to talk about
her story and experience with Fulton Diagnostic
Center, and that story might be used to generate some
concern over David Baugh.

I've sent out about 20 email on Dave's situation. I'm
hoping to generate some political interest.

As Rayelan claimed for her husband Gunther Russbacher,
if it weren't for public attention, he might have been
murdered while at Fulton Diagnostic Center and/or the
prison system. Similarly, public attention may be the
only defense David Baugh has against serious
psychological abuse at Fulton.

And this is an election year, so all the politicians
will be on the good behavior for a for about eight
more months. If the David Baugh story shows signs of
generating any political heat, I'd bet that the system
will pull in its horns and let him go without
additional, serious damage.

Of course, after next November, especially if Bush is
re-elected, there's no telling what may happen. In
his last four years, Bush may teach the military, even
the police to goose-step. God help us all.

Alfred Adask




May 22, 1992

On February 7, 1992 Gunther Russbacher was sentenced
to 21 years in Missouri state prison. The sum total of
the alleged crimes was under twenty thousand dollars
and most of that had been repaid by the insurance
carrier for the brokerage company. When this sentence
is compared to Michael Milken who received ten years
for a 1.3 trillion dollar offense, the apparent
injustice in the American justice system is evident.

After my husband was sent to the Fulton Diagnostic
center for psychological and medical evaluation, Ross
Perot contacted us and offered to send a lawyer to
talk with Gunther. Mr. Perot felt and feels as though
a coverup is going on. While Mr. Perot is not totally
convinced that Gunther is the October Surprise pilot,
he does feel that there were many irregularities in
Gunther's case, including numerous violations of his
civil rights.

Mr. Perot dispatched an attorney and two pilots to
Fulton to question Gunther. Before the Perot team
arrived, Gunther had been transferred to the prison
hospital ward at the University hospital. Mr. Perot
was told that Gunther had experienced a heart attack.
The legal team was denied permission to speak with

Bob Peck, Mr. Perot's personal assistant, met me at
the St. Louis airport and we drove to the hospital to
speak with Gunther. When we arrived at the hospital,
we discovered that Gunther had requested a transfer
back to the prison. Mr. Peck and I spoke with the
doctor in charge of my husband's case. He told us that
despite doctor's recommendation, Gunther had checked
himself out of the hospital. The doctor went on to say
that four men, in suits, he assumed they were CIA,
were wandering around the hospital asking questions
and trying to get past the guards to see Gunther.

Mr. Peck and I contacted the prison the next morning
and were allowed to speak with Gunther through glass.
While I was visiting with him, he had another angina
attack and was rushed to the infirmary where a
nitroglycerin patch was put on his chest.

After he returned to the visiting room, he told me he
had been threatened in the hospital and that was the
reason he checked out. While in the hospital, he was
told that if he talked with Perot, his son would be
killed. Gunther learned immediately afterwards, that
his fifteen year old son had just been charged with
seven counts of assault. His son was in the adult
jail, NOT the juvenile detention center. His son was
awaiting a hearing before the same judge who had
sentenced Gunther to 21 years in prison. We later
found out that the assault charges against Gunther's
son, were filed by a man who had given Gunther, Jr. a
six pack of beer. When the man took the remaining
bottles back, Gunther, Jr. kicked and beat the man's
truck! The man was not charged with giving alcohol to
a minor.

The stress of the recent heart problems, the unjustly
imposed 21 year sentence and the threat to his son was
close to killing him. Gunther was faced with a choice
of seeing his son incarcerated or staying incarcerated
himself. If he talked to Perot, his son would pay the

Gunther decided not to disclose to Perot's aide any
pertinent information. This decision prompted Mr.
Perot to withdraw his offer until Gunther agreed to
disclose top secret details of the SR 71 spy plane and
the flight from Paris to the United States...the
flight in which vice presidential candidate George
Bush was flown back from a secret "October Surprise"
meeting with the Iranians.

One day after Bob Peck and I were in Fulton, guards at
Fulton took out their anger at being pushed around by
Ross Perot on my husband. He was given a Rodney King
style beating with night sticks. Two bones in his foot
were broken. The official accounting of the incident
shows that Gunther slipped and fell in the shower.
Gunther was put in a cast and put in solitary

The solitary confinement cell was a small black metal
cubicle with a concrete platform and a filthy torn
mattress for a bed. There was a light which was too
dim to read by, even if he had been allowed reading
material. He could not make contact with the outside
world. The cell was crawling with cockroaches, some of
which crawled into the cast and laid eggs.

At the same time that he was being held in solitary
confinement and not permitted contact with me, I began
hemorrhaging. The doctor called it metropathia
hemorrhagica. The doctor said it is excessive bleeding
brought on by severe psychological trauma.

Three weeks later, I hemorrhaged again. In a three
week period of time, I lost enough blood to make me
severely anemic and too weak to get out of bed ... and
I was still losing substantial quantities of blood.
The medical doctors assured me that there was nothing
wrong with me. The medicine they gave me didn't stop
the bleeding.

I finally went to an acupuncturist who treated me with
herbs and needles. The bleeding stopped one day later
and has not returned. But in spite of iron and vitamin
therapy, my energy and endurance levels have not
returned to normal, and I seem to catch every cold
that comes along.

Gunther was kept in solitary confinement for several
weeks. Finally the Governor of Missouri, John
Ashcroft, intervened. Gunther was transferred to
protective custody in a prison just three blocks from
where Governor Ashcroft lives in the Governor's

Gunther was finally allowed calls to the outside. I
want to thank all of you who wrote to the Governor on
our behalf. It was your letters that helped get my
husband out of the "hole". It was your calls to the
Missouri Capitol and to radio stations across the
country that kept him alive.

THANK YOU! Thank you!

In March a public defender was appointed to represent
Gunther. In spite of delays in obtaining Gunther's
legal files, the attorney was able to get the appeal
filed in time. The appeal is very well presented and
makes several strong points, the most important being
that the statute a limitations ran out 15 months
before sentencing. In other words, Gunther was held
for nine months in a county jail on charges that had
already expired.

The point is also made that Gunther went into court to
plead guilty to a misdemeanor which carried a maximum
one year county jail term, and ended up being
railroaded into a felony plea which carried 4
consecutive 7 year terms. He was then placed on five
years probation. It was this probation that was
revoked, for allegedly impersonating a Naval officer.
Gunther was then sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Another attorney, Paul Wilcher from Washington D.C.,
came to Missouri pro bono, to help Gunther prove that
he is a Navy Intelligence officer who is attached to
the CIA. Paul is the first person to take the time to
fully debrief Gunther.

Paul has prepared a 350 page document which he has
submitted to the October Surprise Task Force, which is
headed by Representative Lee Hamiltion. It is my
personal belief that the committee will do nothing
with this information.

I received a letter from my own Congressman, Leon
Panetta. I was told by him not to bother Congress
anymore with telephone calls or letters until we have
documents in our possession that prove conclusively
who my husband is. At the time of my husband's
original arrest in 1989, all of his possessions were
confiscated from my home. The FBI took his clothes,
his suitcases, his briefcase and his papers. After the
FBI left, there was nothing in my possession that
belonged to my husband. At the time of his arrest in
1989, he was living in a CIA safe house and his office
was at the Langley, Virginia CIA headquarters. In
other words, all evidence of Gunther's ties to the
intelligence community were taken from me, or in CIA
controlled safe houses and offices. I am sure my
Congressman, a Democrat, knew this!

With the exception of a two week period in July of
1990, my husband has been in prison the entire three
years of our marriage. We did make attempts to
retrieve documents three times during the two weeks
that he was out of prison. The attempts were

I would like to ask Mr. Panetta and other members of
Congress, who are capable of demanding my husband's
service record, why they expect us to do it and how
they expect my husband, from his prison cell, to
accomplish this?

We have requested his Navy and CIA records, but as of
this date, we have not received one page from the
government, even though the CIA told us that we owe a
$100.00 copying fee for the documents the mailed us.

While Gunther was held in solitary confinement, I
called Kurt Waldheim, the President of Austria and
begged him to help us. I knew that Austria had records
of my husband's CIA activities in Austria. I asked
President Waldheim to disclose this information.
President Waldheim dispatched the Vice Consul General
from Chicago to visit my husband in Missouri.

The first thing Austria did was restore Gunther's
Austrian citizenship. It had been revoked because
Gunther was an employee of the United States
government. The Austrian government then began looking
into the case. What they discovered were gross
violations of human and civil rights. In looking into
my husband's case they discovered a pattern of human
rights abuses perpetrated on Austrian citizens
starting at the end of World War II and continuing to
this day.

The violations have grown more intense during the
Reagan/Bush years. One can only wonder if this pattern
of deprivation of the rights of Austrian citizens
residing in the United States had anything to do with
President Reagan's banning of President Waldheim for
war crimes. One must also wonder why the so-called
Waldheim war crimes were not brought up when Kurt
Waldheim was the head of the United Nations?

Why did these war crimes only surface in 1986, the
same year that the discrediting of Gunther Russbacher
began ... the same year that the Iran/Contra scandal
first surfaced when Eugene Hasenfus (an Austrian)
survived the crash of an American plane in Nicaragua.
This plane was part of the private air force that
supplied arms to the Contras. These private planes
were actually owned by various CIA proprietaries
(dummy companies set up by CIA operatives to carry out
covert activities).

The money to run these proprietaries was channeled
through National Brokerage Company in St. Louis. NBC
was a CIA proprietary set up by Emory J. Peden (an
alias used by Gunther Russbacher) for the specific
purpose of laundering black budget CIA funds which
could then be used to purchase planes and arms for the
Contras, the Afghan rebels and Iran.

It should also be known that Karl Gunther von
Russbach, Gunther's father, was a close friend of Kurt
Waldheim's and Mr. Waldheim served as substitute
godfather for young Gunther after Gunther's official
godfather, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, was put to death.

It should also be known that Austrian intelligence had
in their files documented proof of arms being
transferred through Austria to Iran as part of the
Iran/Contra scandal. This was operation Gladio.

After looking into Gunther's case, the government of
Austria has initiated suit in the World Court in the
Hague charging the United States with human rights
violations on behalf of twelve of its citizens. These
men had been forced into virtual slavery for the
United States intelligence community. These men were
former intelligence officers from World War II days
who were forced to work for the United States after
the war. When their children were old enough, they too
were also put to work for the United States
government. These men, and their children, have been
virtual slaves of the United States government since
the end of World War II. My husband is the son of an
Austrian intelligence officer. Karl von Russbach was
part of the conspiracy to assassinate Adolph Hitler.
When the attempt failed, the elder Russbach fled to
Britain and was recruited by the OSS. He was then
bought to Winnemucca, Nevada where he helped train CIA
operatives, until his death in 1973.

Karl Russbach began training his son from the time
young Gunther could walk and talk. The von Russbach
family has a history of espionage dating back to the

My husband had no choice in his career. He father
started his training, and as soon as the United States
government needed someone with his talents, he was
forced to go to work for them. Gunther was drafted,
out of high school, at age seventeen. A young man who
could speak German, English and Russian was needed for
a mission in Europe. Gunther spent a little over a
year in the United States Army, then charges were
manufactured, giving him a criminal record and a
dishonorable discharge. His official discharge papers
give a code which states that he was given a lateral
transfer into a civilian agency. I.e., the CIA.

It was done this way for two reasons:

1. To keep him in the intelligence community. If he
tried to leave the Community, he would be thrown in
jail until he changed his mind and started working for
them again. This is the type of coercion and forced
servitude that Austria is looking into.

2. To give him a criminal background so that he could
more easily (and safely) infiltrate terrorist and
other illegal operations.

Gunther has tried to get out of the CIA several times.
Each time, he was arrested and thrown in jail. Each
time he tried to tell the American people the truth
about their government, more charges were filed. To
keep him quiet about the Iran/Contra affair he was
charged in 1986 with 26 counts of stealing by deceit.
These charges had lain fallow, with no follow up,
until he married me. At the time of our marriage, I
was working with Barbara Honegger, the author of the
book, "October Surprise". At the time, Barbara was the
most well known October Surprise researcher. Gunther
was arrested two days after we were married and has
been incarcerated ever since.

I have no idea what, if anything, will be the outcome
of the lawsuit in the World Court. I am not overly
optimistic about our chances of ever getting the truth
out. I do not believe that the October surprise
committee in the Congress is really doing an in
investigation. Lee Hamilton, the head of the
committee, has already gone on record saying that he
does not believe that George Bush was involved in the
October Surprise scandal. If he believes that, be
cannot also believe my husband's story. Also remember
that Lee Hamilton was part of the Iran/Contra coverup.

No matter how hard we have tried to bring our story to
the attention of congress and the media, nothing has
helped ... Gunther is still in prison and there is
nothing in the foreseeable future which gives any
indication of a reversal of conviction.

It will be six years before he is even eligible for
parole. If you have any suggestions regarding anything
else we should do, please contact us or do it

We are still having money problems. Our telephone
bills are enormous. By June 12th I need to pay
$1,000.00 or the phone is disconnected. In addition,
we have been paying Paul Wilcher's expenses because he
has given up his job and is devoting all his time to
helping us. His phone bill is over $600.00, due
immediately. Needless to say, we are all living at
poverty level. It is very hard for me to ask for
money, because I have never been poor. I have never
known what it was like to have no food in the house
and no money to buy food.

I have developed deep compassion for the poor and
oppressed in our country. I have discovered that you
can't understand the poor by studying them. You have
to become one before you feel their pain, their
frustration and their rage. I am different from most
poor people because I have become poor by fighting the
injustice that has been done to my husband. I made the
choice to devote my time to getting him out of prison
and exposing the criminal conduct of our country. Even
though I am poor by choice, it is a choice I think you
would have made if you had been in my place.

When I was working and making money, I was the one who
paid Barbara Honegger's phone bills and bought food
for her and her dog while she was writing her book,
October Surprise. I now find myself in the identical
situation of needing money for food and phone bills
while I do my work.

So far, our friends, like you, have helped me through
the money problems. It has been a year since I ran out
of money from the sale of my home. In that year God
has truly blessed us because when we have appealed for
money, it arrived. I continue to pray that the money
miracles will continue until our ordeal is over. If
you can help us again, thank you ... if you can't,
please don't feel badly. I understand what having no
money feels like ... if you can't help financially,
you can help in other ways ... with your prayers, your
blessings and your letters to Congress, the media and
Governor Ashcroft of Missouri. We can't let Gunther's
name slip out of their sight.

The Geraldo Rivera news program, "Now It Can Be Told,"
recently taped a segment with my husband and me. I
don't know yet when or if it will be shown. Paul
Wilcher taped the entire interview for us. It is
available in a 5 90 minute audio tapes.

I am constantly asked how I have endured this three
year horror. When that question arises several images
flash through my mind:

An image of Valley Forge and the winter my direct
grandfather Patrick Rhoads, endured there..

The image of his grandsons, Daniel and John, trudging
through deep snow, on their way to rescue the Donner

The image of my great grandmother, Susan Wardlow
Smith, giving birth to my grandfather just hours after
burying her husband, who was killed during the battle
of Shiloh.

My family has suffered and endured great hardships to
build this country. Compared to them, my sacrifice is
small and my burden of it is lightened by friends like

Thank you. Without your moral support, financial
support, and your prayers, I could not continue the

Most sincerely,

Rayelan Allan Russbacher


Response from wwd


I am happy you informed me......... i am disgusted with davids situation and his captors........

if i could get the transcript of his trial....... the certified court file.......... I could file a next friend action for david in the federal district court for habeas relief............. i think that is the only chance he has of getting away from these criminals.......

to answer your question............ constitutional protections are not implicated on the enforcement of any subject matter the legislature creates.......... david has NO rights in this court of equity.......... the judge acts solely upon his plenary equity discretion without little or no restraint on that authority........

the matter is civil...... yes........ but the subject matter is an administrative enforcement of regulations they "presume" david to be subject to......... even in the face of davids notice otherwise....... they have chosen to ignore that declaration..........

the way for us to correct.... is to take a state constitutional habeas corpus action to the federal district court and present the proofs of denial of due process............... in that venue.........

it will help....... once we have certified documents from davids case.......... for everyone to file with the trial court........ a motion to intervene and a brief in support..................... if we can get a couple dozen people descending on that court...... it may back off...........

either way.... these things need to be done right away............. i hope you can help with the certified case file......... and trans cript.............

i would be happy to write both the habeas document and draft the intervention motion and brief....... from those certified documents

let me know asap



Response from Richard P. Bosa:

I was protesting Judge Ott 7 other criminal Judges of Montgomery County
PA and There totally corrupt court in letters to the editor, hand out side
the court house and organizing protests and groups and he found me "severely
mentally deficient" or legally insane and destroyed my business with an
illegal temporary injunction without a hearing, took 100% of my personal
assets and let my evil wife influence the children whom I have no contact in
14 years now. The court appointed psychologist said I was fine and my
psychiatrist said the same. He said by my actions before him, which were
demanding my right were deemed by him insane. My appeals to the Superior &
Supreme Courts of PA were dismissed along with my Writ to the US Supreme

There are few Al Adask's, Harvey Kash's or Carl Lanizisera's in this
country......we should protest the Republican and Democratic Conventions
this summer. I have space here and its a short commute to Boston. I am sure
Carl and Harvey can find space for you.

I will never give this search for JUSTICE, since the bastards destroyed
my children

If the press does nothing we have no solutions other than revolution.



Response from JB:

Hi Jeff,

Yes, that seems to happen quite frequently, where the judge and prosecutor do whatever they want to do.

What needs to be done is to get a complete copy of Dave's file and then make a complaint against the judge with the Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline in St. Louis.

And then make a complaint against the prosecutor with the Office Of Chief Disciplinary Counsel in Jeff City. That goes directly to the Supreme Court for review.

I have the forms, and here are the URL's where you can print them out:



I have a traffic case in Van Buren, Carter County, Missouri and the prosecutor filed an Amended Information to raise the speeding from 10 over (which is what the trooper wrote the citation at) to 16 over (which is what the trooper says he really clocked me at).

Now once the citation has beeen introduced into the record, the speed cannot be raised. It can be lowered, but not raised. This is altering court documentation and is considered an ethical violation. It is also an impreachable offense for the judge, and cause for forfeiture of office with the prosecutor. This is all in the RSMO.

Now the judge has allowed this to happen over my objections. So we first will file the complaints. Next we have a sweet little suit to use to really break their backs. It will cost them $5,000 to answer the suit, and the Attorney General must defend the judge.

I suppose this is the suit that needs to be filed for Dave. The problem, as always, is time and lack of funds.

I believe they will have Dave there in Fulton for a psyche evaluation.

As you know, speeding, without a public endangerment (speeding in school zone, etc.), or damage to property, or injury to a person, is an administrative law violation. This is civil in nature, and would be considered breach of obligation because you have that license in your pocket.

Now we have in all the state constitutions (Missouri is Art. 1, Sec. 18a) "the accused has the right to know the nature and cause of the accusation" (6th Amendment, U.S. Constitution).

Remember what I said above about breach of obligation being "civil in nature"? That means there cannot be a criminal charge, unless there is one of the other aspects present that I also mentioned.

In other words, there must be an accident, or, say, you run someone off the road, and so on; public endangerment. These are the only things that can give rise to the criminal charge.

So, you see, this is our fundamental law. And these goons have usurped it for their own enrichment. What we would refer to as "legal plunder."

Here is an excerpt from my home page:

"There are two fundamental laws that make civilization possible. First, do all you have agreed to do. Second, do not harm other persons or their property. The first is the basis of contract law. The second is the basis of tort and criminal law."

Well, I'm in Sayre, Oklahoma on the way to Kingman, Arizona in the truck. Time for dinner and sleep.

I'm on the phone right now with Bobby Dearman. He says we are going to move up Dave's Habeas to the Appeals Court. This will cost $160 to file.

And he is also saying we will file a suit against Washington County (similar to what I was saying above). Only with a little twist, he says a kind of class action where about 20 or 30 people file as having witnessed the goings on with Dave.

I'm not quite sure how it will work, but anything we can throw at them right now will keep them off balance and cost them dearly by having to use much needed funds to have the shysters answer the suit.

I can't wait to watch them squirm. LOL!

Have a good evening, and we'll be in touch.



posted by Jeff  # 6:21 AM
Dave's March 3, 2004 open letter

Sheriff Gary Yount, et al
116 High Street
Potosi, MO 63664

David G. Baugh, inmate victim of criminal government

March 3, 2004

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our only Risen King, Savior and Law-Giver:

As many of you know, I am charged with violation of Sec. 302.020, RMO. This provision of law is merely a legislative revenue scheme of taxation, generally applicable against public persons (corporate entities), for whom it was written. It is not applicable against private men and women who choose to not become such public persons. It is applicable under the civil code (517.011), as a civil infraction. Such infraction may not be construed as a crime, nor may any legal disability (incarceration) be invoked (556.021), general practice and custom to the contrary not withstanding.

For any criminal prosecution to take place there must first be an actual breach of the public peace, and a real damaged party, and a properly verified affidavit of complaint by a competent witness in writing, thereby authorizing a judge to issue a warrant (542.020, 542.030, 542.040). Unless such breach of the peace, damaged party (competent witness), and written complaint, and warrant exists, there can be no criminal prosecution or legal disability imposed under the criminal code.

In my case, there is no breach of the peace, no damaged party, no valid complaint, and no valid warrant as required by law, rendering my prosecutions usurpation of political power inherently held in violate by the people who comprise the State of Missouri, oppression in office, treason against the people, constitutional anarchy, and perpetuation of a protection racket of legalized plunder and extortion for filthy lucre, and unlawful religious persecution, inducement to slavery, and impairment of my covenant (contract) with the Creator, with specific intent to violate my rights as a matter of law, under color of law, under color of office, using color of process.

For years, usurpers of political power have robbed, raped and ruined the public under the phony guise of “Public Safety” and the creed of tyrants and oppressors, “necessity”. This would not be possible but for the “strong delusions” (II Thessalonians 2:11) and woeful ignorance (Hosea 4:6), and attitude of the people (Jeremiah 5:30-31).

Because of the vague and imprecise notions of the woefully ignorant, deceived people, they are cunningly coerced into forfeiting their liberty and freedom, and waiving their antecedent unalienable rights, and voluntarily subjecting themselves into a general habit of blind obedience, thereby entangling themselves into a heavy yoke of bondage, as opposed to standing fast in the liberty wherewith Jesus Christ has made us free (Galatians 5:1, Romans 6:16, I Corinthians 7:23, et al).

As one who had educated myself in these matters crucial to the preservation and perpetuation of our free and independent Christian Constitutional Republic, and become a humble messenger to my fellow Americans by word and by deed (James 1:25).

I am proclaiming that which has heretofore been hidden (Matthew 10:26-28), and, as it is written, I am systematically being persecuted by those who are blind to the truth (facts and law), or by those quislings knowingly committing treason against the people and our country (land) that our Creator has placed us in to live free under His “perfect law of liberty” (James 1:25).

What is being done to me had happened before in our history. Let us learn from it: my persecutions are identical to those inflicted upon some of my ancestors, and, for the exact same reason, namely Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-Nego, Daniel, the prophets, the apostles and all who accepted Jesus Christ as literal King in His established Kingdom (government) on earth (Isaiah 9: 6-7, Luke, Chapter 1, et al.), including the founders of America, and many others.

In every case, those who oppressed us found themselves and their power ultimately crushed by our Creator/Savior through the faith, endurance and obedience of the few who chose to follow our Creator/Savior without compromise, even unto death.

Such is the “perfect love” which casteth out fear and brings deliverance and overcomes oppressors and tyrants (II Corinthians 10:3-6, I John 4:18, et al.) I am one of the few who do not fear what mere men may do to me for proclaiming Jesus Christ (Whom I refer to as Yahshua, the Messiah) as my only risen King, Savior and Law-Giver, as did the Founders of America.

In America, it is the people who are individually and collectively sovereigns under Christ, and their corporate
fiction creature government and mere human public servants we allow to run it for us possess only limited powers, and in no case can they usurp our inherently held political power (Article I, Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Missouri Constitution).

So you see those who usurp the inherently held political power belonging to the people, are persecuting this humble messenger because they fear the truth I represent will expose their fraud and scam for all to see, and a sufficient number of them will cease subjecting themselves to de facto, fascist authority, and compel quisling usurpers to obey the law.

Today, such humble messengers as I are no longer cast into fiery furnaces, burned at the stake, fed to lions, hacked to death by gladiators or crucified; we are cast into gulags at the great expense, and to the great detriment of society at large. It is a dismal failure as is self-evident, and an exercise in futility and insanity for one such as I will never submit to slavery, nor will I compromise my Laws, even unto death.

When he maliciously lurked and laid in wait for me, and arrested me on January 9, 2004, Potosi Police Officer, C.R. Gaines, informed me that the kingdom of Yahweh, and my strongly held spiritual training and belief is “bullsh*t”.

As history proves, he and my other oppressors will certainly be held accountable and punished for their senseless persecutions of me under color of law. I pray Psalm 23, 37, and 94 daily, as well as Psalms 91. My oppressors have yet to learn the lesson of Gamaliel in Acts 5:17-41.

In conclusion, locking me in a gulag is equivalent to what was done to my afore-named ancestors and it will avail you nothing, and is an undue burden on society you fallaciously purport to protect, depriving society of my proven beneficial presence therein.

In the case of Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-Nego and Daniel, once those running government realized our Creator watches over his few faithful servants, and the futility and dire consequences of persecuting them for refusing to be slaves to men, or compromising their obedience to YAHWEH, our Creator, they were appointed important administrative positions in government, in which they served with distinction, greatly benefiting society. I am capable of doing the same, and to this objective, I have devoted my life.

Here is my proposal; while in the Air Force, I was a Medical Administration Specialist, trained in hospital administration, with an E-8 skill level. After my Honorable Discharge, I worked in a factory as a chemical operator, maintenance mechanic and carpenter.

I started and ran my own cabinet manufacturing business for 20 years. While working in the factory, I was also elected as Vice President of the local union. I am widowed and have 4 children and eleven grandchildren.

Over the past 13 years, I have been educating myself in scripture, history and law. I am a duly "ordained” evangelist, and qualified to teach the Word of God. I am a life member of the National Rifle Association, and am experienced in the handling of firearms, and I am an expert marksman. My organizational and communicative and administrative skills are above average, as is my I.Q.

I see you are in need of a Jail Administrator, and that my skills and capability would fill this position, and within a short time, I could relieve you and the county of the burdensome problems now existing.

Wherefore, I am offering my services in the name of, and for the glory of Jesus Christ. My position will be established by contract only, relieving you and the county of any employer responsibilities. My fee is reasonable, and negotiable. I strongly urge you to accept my offer, or otherwise, you will be continuing in my senseless persecutions to own peril.


David G. Baugh

posted by Jeff  # 6:19 AM
Dave's March 11, 2004 letter from Washington County Jail

Submitted in the name of and for the glory of Jesus Christ. In exercise of right, duty, and responsibility pursuant to Article 1, sections 1,2,3,8 and 9 of the Missouri Constitution.


Open letter and Official Judicial Notice to Judge Troy K. Hyde

March 11, 2004

Greetings: You are hereby noticed of the inhumane conditions and inhumane treatment of prisoners in Washington County Jail.

Upon my incarceration, when I respectfully asserted my rights, Deputy M. Pyatt retaliated with abusive language and disrespect, threatening me with use of physical force, and summary punishment. Pyatt then subjected me to an unlawful strip search, including close examination of my genitals and anus, when he knew or should have known that such search was unlawful since I do not smoke, do not use drugs, have not been convicted of any criminal offense, am not a licensee who has had his drivers license suspended or revoked, and the law prohibits such search of those arrested and charged with traffic violations. After said search, I was given a pair of badly torn orange trousers and shirt, and told I had to wear my own underwear and socks; I had no T-shirt to wear. I was then given a very worn, thin vinyl covered mattress, and placed in “A Block” where I had to sleep on the bare concrete floor for over a month because the jail is over capacity. I asked for sheets, blanket, pillow, towel and pillowcase and was told the jail had none to give me. The next day, I was given a towel and a sheet, which was ripped half in two, and a blanket. When I requested underwear, socks, and t-shirt, I was informed the jail would not provide them, and was not required to do so, in breach of Section 211.140, RSMo.

The food being served does not provide essential nutrients to sustain and maintain good health. There are no fresh fruits or vegetables or fruit juice provided. Breakfast consists of an egg sandwich on white bread twice a week, a discount packaged fruit pie (day old) twice a week, one “Honey Bun” glazed doughnut (day old) or two small donuts (day old) three days a week, with a cup of coffee and ½ pint of 2% milk. Lunch is one slice of lunchmeat, potato chips, and two cookies with a glass of ice water. Supper is either chili mac, spaghetti, a hamburger, tuna noodle, ham & beans, a bbq meat sandwich, and on Sunday – hot dogs is lunch, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with chips and cookies is supper. One small, fresh salad is served with the hamburger (poor quality meat), and canned peas are served with the tuna noodles, mashed potatoes with the beans, canned corn with the bbq sandwich, and canned green beans with the spaghetti, all served with a glass of iced tea.

All of the food being served is processed, and therefore contains toxins and ingredients harmful to my health and well being, and health of other prisoners. Prior to my incarceration, I was in excellent health, but have been sick ever since my incarceration, and I’m also having digestive problems.

The air in the jail has caused me to have a constant sinus problem, coughing and sores in my nasal cavity. It is always either too hot or too cold, and never stable temperature.

Inmates are provided with only one set of orange prison clothing, and once each week, they are turned in at lock down, and prisoners are without clothing until next morning, when we all have to rummage through a large sack to find the clothes we were issued, and personal underwear, t-shirts, and socks. Upon asking for a change of clothing, I was informed that the jail only had enough clothing for one set for each inmate and we had to wear it all week. It is the same with sheet, towel and blanket.

Other substandard, inhumane conditions are: no pillows, no smoke detectors, no medical treatment, jailers are not properly trained and the jail is understaffed with incompetent jailers, there is no intercom for emergencies, insufficient safety precautions, no posted fire escape plan, no ladders on top bunks, no night lights to enable inmates to see toilet at night, verbal abuse, threats and intimidation by some jailers, inadequate commissary,
Exorbitant priced commissary, excessive delay in deposit of funds in inmate’s account, no recreation, no law library, over all gross negligence, no posted rules or rulebooks as required by law. Jailers handle Tylenol when giving it out, faulty plumbing, inadequate and unfair visiting provisions, and inadequate communication with others, just to name a few.

It is the duty of those running this jail to provide and maintain acceptable humane treatment of prisoners. It is self-evident from the foregoing that said parties (public servants) have failed in their respective duties as a matter of law, and must be held individually and collectively accountable for the respective breaches of the public trust.

Furthermore, you judge Hyde, as well as the other judges in this judicial circuit having criminal jurisdiction, each owe the people you serve the “special duty” to inquire and see that all prisoners are humanely treated, pursuant to section 211.310 RSMo. It is self-evident that you and your colleagues have failed in that duty and therefore, breached the public trust, and forfeited your office, and must be removed there from, pursuant to Article VII, Section 4, Missouri Constitution, and the provisions of Chapter 106, RSMo.

Wherefore, you are hereby and herein officially put on notice of the foregoing lawlessness, negligence, and breach of the public trust, in my capacity as your superior political trustor, and your capacity as my inferior political trustee, in breach of the public trust deed, The Missouri Constitution, Article I, Sections 1, 2, and 3.

Submitted in the name of and for the glory of Jesus Christ. In exercise of right, duty, and responsibility pursuant to Article 1, sections 1,2,3,8 and 9 of the Missouri Constitution.



David G. Baugh
Victim of criminal government
Held as prisoner at:
Washington County Jail
116 West High Street
Potosi, MO 63664

posted by Jeff  # 6:14 AM
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